City of Lecompton Break Down cost of Water Production for 2011

To calculate cost to produce: Total up all of the variable costs for a year and divide by the volume sold (once converted to 1000 gal) during that year.

Total water Debt/costs: $210,172.51
Total water Sold: 12,545,000.00 Conversion of million gals to thousand gals (12545000.00/1000 = 12545.00)

$16.75 per 1000 gals.

Current Charges: 29.41/2000 = 14.71/1000 gal water used
12.34/ 1000 additional gal water used

- essentially we are loosing $4.09 on the first 2000 gal sold and an additional $4.41 lost for every 1000 gal sold/used

- At this rate, it costs more for the City to produce the water, then what the water is being sold to the residents for -