Lecompton Community Building

Lecompton Community Building at 333 Elmore Street
Adjacent to the City Rowena Park

Rental includes the stone building and amenities inside
*does not include the pavilion

Amenities include:
2 Gas Range Stoves
2 microwaves
Full Size Refrigerator
2-8FT. Tables
16- 6FT- Tables

100 Black folding chairs

The Lecompton Community Building was renovated in 2015, it now features a new white oak hardwood floor, new paint, ceramic tile in the east entry and kitchen as well as a fully renovated kitchen.

$50 Rental per full day use
$30 Refundable deposit if clean up agreement is met

Payable with two separate checks

To check availability and reserve your date contact - Lecompton City Office # 785-887-6407