August 16, 2004

August 16, 2004 Lecompton City Council Minutes
7:00 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the meeting toorder. Council members EddieSmith, Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish and Jennifer Jones were present.

Eddie Smith moved to approve the minutes of the August 2, 2004meeting. Tim McNish seconded themotion. Motion carried.

Eddie moved to approve the accounts payable. Jennifer Jones seconded the motion.

Martha Silks and Don Caillouet were present from LayneWestern to give a report on work that was done at the new well site.

Eddie Smith made a motion to accept and sign a contract forBogner and Long to audit the 2004 records. Jennifer seconded, motion was unanimous.

The question was asked if there had been any contact by theHousing Grant applicator. The cityclerk had received copy of records that had been requested but no informationas to progress of clean up requested to be done by the applicant was given.

There was discussion of the rezoning of Chuck Nehrbass’sland. The city attorney said hehad not received any reports from the state. The state did say they would be inspecting the area the weekof August 9, 2004 and would send a letter after the inspection. The city will take no action on thisuntil after receiving the state’s report.

There was a discussion of overtime hours and how they arepaid. No action was taken.

Justin asked about sand and salt location for thisfall. No action was taken.

There was a discussion regarding sewer rates. A letter is to be sent to Terry Breasonand NEKESC regarding the rates at these locations are not within Code 15-334

After discussion regarding copiers Eddie made a motion thatJennifer and Sandy purchase a refurbished copier under $1000. Tim seconded the motion, motioncarried.

There was discussion regarding rust remover. Eddie made a motion to order a case(12). Mark seconded the motion,motion carried.

Discussion of Dun and Bradstreet number.

Martin Fee to be in the office Aug 23 at 9 A.M.

After a discussion regarding sell of the city lots, Mark madea motion to sell the city lots by sealed bid with a min. bid of $29,500, thecity reserves the right to refuse all bids. A notice is to be published in the Lawrence Journal Worldonce a week for three weeks. Thebids are to be opened Oct. 4th at the city council meeting. Eddie seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The council asked to check on the city’s web site withTabetha.

Jennifer motion at 8:45PM the meeting close, the motion wasseconded, motion carried.