September 20, 2004

September 20, 2004 Lecompton City Council Minutes

7:00 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the Public Hearing meetingto order. Council members EddieSmith, Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish, Jennifer Jones, and Chuck Folks were present.City Superintendent, Justin VanWinkle, City Clerk, Sandy Nichols, and cityattorney Larry Hendricks were also present. Kathi Fair, Mike Coffman, and Kevin Myers were publiccitizens attending the meeting. Donna Crawford, Kenneth Shetlar, and Martin Fee were present to provideinformation and to answer questions.

Public Citizen Mike Coffman asked if it was a benefit forthe grant that Lecompton had a low income average. Donna said it was.

At 7:09 the Public Hearing was closed and the Sept. 20, 2004City Council meeting started.

Mark Tunstall made a motion to approve the minutes of theSept. 7, 2004 meeting. JenniferJones seconded the motion. Motioncarried.
Chuck Folks made a motion to approve the accounts payable. Mark Tunstall seconded the motion.

After discussions regarding increase of water rates, watersoftener, and the continuation of preparation for the grant/loan the followingResolutions were presented.
Mark made a motion to accept Resolution 209. Chuck seconded the motion, motioncarried unanimously.
Mark made a motion to accept Resolution 210. Jennifer seconded the motion, motioncarried unanimously.
Additional papers needing to be signed to continue the grantwork were presented by Donna Crawford and signed by Mayor Roy Paslay.

Linda Merchant’s driveway entrance was discussed. Linda was not present, no action wastaken.

Kathi Fair was present representing the PlanningCommission. No changes wererecommended from the yearly review of the Community Comprehensive Plans. The City Clerk was requested to contactJohn Riggs regarding the next action to be taken by the Planning Commissionregarding the 3 mile extraterritorial zoning control request from DouglasCounty.

Don Murry was not present to discuss river access. Not action was taken

No action was taken after discussion of connecting JonesStreet and 5th Street.

After reviewing the Franchise Fee Ordinance from Westar itwas agreed to continue the 3% fee. No action was taken at the meeting. Chad Luce from Westar requested to be present when theOrdinance is past.

Eddie made a motion to pass Ordinance 760 regardingOccupation Tax fee. Jenniferseconded the motion. The motioncarried unanimously. LarryHendricks said the fee change would apply for fee paid after the Ordinance hadbeen published.

After an explanation from Larry regarding codes it wasrequested that Sandy send a letter to NEKESC reviewing sewer rate charges.

There was discussion regarding SMBall recycling. At the present time it was decided tolocate the recycling at the water tower. In the future other arrangements may be made. Sandy is requested to locate in past minutes discussion ofcost increase in the trash when recycling starts.

Tim made a motion to pass a Request for Housing Grantrecaptured monies for installation by Anchor Air & Heat Inc. to installfurnace/air for $5900. Jenniferseconded the motion. The applicantand city agreed to cooperation in completing the cleanup to be overseen byChuck Folks. The motion wasunanimous.

There was discussion regarding decorating forChristmas. Mark made a motion notto exceed $200 for hot chocolate, pizza, and pop for those helping with Citydecorating. Tim seconded themotion, motion carried.
Saturday Nov. 20, 2004 was set for decorating the park. Dec. 4th was set for the City Parklighting.

Mark made a motion approving Roy to purchase a bench for $30and the city to reimburse him. Eddie seconded the motion, motion was unanimous.

After discussion it was agreed to have a Holiday DecorationContest: First prize – $150,second prize $100 and third Prize $50. Eddie made a motion to not exceed $500 for Christmas gifts andreplacement needs. Motion wasunanimous. Participants need toregister by Dec. 10th. Judging will take place by Dec. 18th.

Eddie asked about the Historical Society using the concretewing at the city building for a Veterans Wall. Roy said he would check.

There was discussion of survey pins. Roy will talk to Land Planning.

There was discussion regarding Chuck Nehrbass’ rezoningrequest area. Larry reported thatthree of the four specifications requested by the state had been met. Seeding of the slop area needs to becompleted so it doesn’t wash. KHDEhas forwarded the information to Alan Brooks with Douglas County. Larry also stated that a representativefrom KHDE was out during/after a good rain and said the brim retention basinwas functioning.

Justin reported that 30” x 30” x 5’ concrete blockscurrently cost $60 delivered. Thecost will be increasing to $75. Council members Eddie, Tim and Chuck will go to the lagoon area to seewhat recommendations they would make to the city council. No action was taken at this time.

Tim made a motion the city purchase the dump truck fromLecompton Township for $11,000. Jennifer seconded the motion, motion was unanimous.

Council said to continue with Advance Insurance Company ofKansas.
Council requested to have water usage from Earl Bahnmaierand Howard Duncan.

10:15 P.M. Chuck motioned to adjourn, Mark seconded –unanimous.