October 13, 2004

Special Meeting October 13, 2004

5:30 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the meeting toorder. Council members MarkTunstall, Tim McNish, and Ed Smith were present. Grant writer Donna Crawford, City Superintendent JustinVanWinkle and City Clerk Sandy Nichols were present.

Donna presented information regarding the loan/grant thecity applied for regarding upgrade of the city water plant. Donna reported there was not grantmoney available from Rural Development. She also reported the water softener was dropped from the loan/grantrequest. The loan would be a 40year loan for $505,620 from Rural Development. Water rates would try to be kept between an $11.00 and$14.00 increase.

The Rural Development survey would be good for the year2005; however the LMI survey would have to be done again in the year 2005.

Once all loans/grants were completed Lecompton could if theywanted sell water to other agencies. Roy reported the contract for water fromRWD#3 ends in the year 2008.

After much deliberation and thought regarding the lack ofgrant money available from Rural Development, Mark motioned not to continuewith the 2005 request for the loan/grant application to Kansas Department ofCommerce, Small Cities CDBG Program and Rural Development. Tim seconded the motion and the motioncarried unanimously. The councilrequested Donna to continue to check on information regarding the loan/grantapplication and if she acquired any new positive information to notify the cityclerk to call another special meeting if necessary.

Ed made a motion to adjourn at 7:25 P.M. Mark seconded the motion. The motion was unanimous.