November 1, 2004

November 1, 2004 Lecompton City Council Minute
7:00 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the meeting toorder. Council members Eddie Smith,Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish, Chuck Folks and Jennifer Jones were present. CitySuperintendent, Justin VanWinkle, and City Clerk, Sandy Nichols were present.
Ed Smith made a motion to approve the minutes of the October18, 2004 meeting. Chuck Folksseconded the motion. Motioncarried.
Chuck made a motion to approve the accounts payable ascorrected. Jenn seconded the motion, motion passed unanimously.

No Mobile Lodge residents were present – no action wastaken.

There was discussion regarding an easement with EarlBahnmaier and what to have the City Attorney include in a proposed easement.

Kenneth Shetlar reported there was one bid regarding thedrilling of a new well. That bidwas from Layne-Western in the amount of $59,952.00. Chuck made a motion to accept the bid, Eddie seconded themotion. The city requested a 6”line be used instead of a 4” line from the new well to the pit. The motion wasunanimous with the change of 4” line to 6” line.

There was discussion regarding trash rates. It was decided that trash rates couldincrease when the recycle bin arrives.

Roy reported that he had meet with officials from DouglasCounty and Jefferson County regarding the River Access ramp. If there were any problems that areaJefferson County Sheriff’s department was to be contacted. Douglas County would do the mowing andthe City of Lecompton would take care of the trash. There would be lighting there also.

Salt/Sand storage update: no action taken

Justin reported problems reading meter at one location. It was now pad locked. Justin spoke with the city attorney andhe suggested the water meter be located in the sidewalk. The city council requested this be donewith 2 water, 2 sewer, 2 trash rates charged to the one meter. The council also requestedthe City Attorney to send a certified letter to the landowner and cc to NewImage Salon.

Justin reported meter readings from the Mobile Lodge hadbeen arriving late for several months now. The city council requested a letter be sent to the landownerand cc to the manager.

Justin presented a $900 bid he had gotten to remove twotrees & stumps from the north side of the City Office building and 1 deadpine tree and 2 pine tree stumps from the park. Jennifer made a motion to accept the bid, Chuck seconded themotion, motion was unanimous.

There was discussion regarding the purchase of a fork forthe skid loader. It was suggestedthat Justin check with Coleman’s. The council requested Justin to check on prices for a used fork.

There was discussion of a CD maturing in Nov. Ed made a motion to cash in the CD andput half in savings and half in checking for up coming well bills. Chuck seconded the motion, carriedunanimously.

There was discussion of dogs running in the vicinity ofKroeger’s. Justin was requested toput an animal trap in that vicinity.

There was discussion regarding the housing grant propertythat needed complication of cleaning work done.
Mark motionedat 9:36 PM the meeting adjourn, the motion was seconded by Jennifer, motioncarried.