January 17, 2005

January 17, 2005 LecomptonCity Council Minute

7:00 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the meeting to order.

Council members Eddie Smith, Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish,Chuck Folks, City Superintendent Justin VanWinkle, City Clerk Sandy Nichols,and City Attorney Larry Hendricks were present; Jennifer Jones arrived at 7:07.

Ed made a motion to approve the minutes of January 3, 2004meeting. Tim seconded themotion. Motion carried.

Ed made a motion to approve the accounts payable, Chuckseconded the motion, motion passed unanimously.
Sally Kelsey was present to discuss the on going HousingGrant issues. Ms. Kelsey statedtheir plans to file a claim against the City of Lecompton stating a vintagecoke machine, wringer washer, boards, and windows from a greenhouse were itemsdestroyed during a cleaning time when the grant applicant was not present. The City Attorney stated several waysthat the city had tried to work with the applicant. Ms. Kelsey will be in contact with the Lecompton CityAttorney.

Bob Treanor was present to bring the council up to dateregarding Lecompton “Welcome” signs. Mr. Treanor will present an estimated cost for three additional signs –estimate of 4’ wide cost and 32” oval. Mr. Treanor will look at the Christmas wood figures in the park forestimated cost to replace them and also look at the pole decorations regardingrefurbishing the wiring in them.

Donna Crawford from GSA was present to discuss the lack offunding for the water grant request. Donna will contact Rural Development to see if they have additionalinformation. 22 grants wereawarded and Lecompton was #24. Ifthe grant is not received this year the low to moderate survey will need to becompleted again this year in late February or first of March. Donna will let Sandy know what herfindings are.

Brad Coletta from the Lecompton Planning Commission waspresent. There was discussionregarding forming a Lecompton/Douglas County Planning Commission. Brad informed the CC of a Feb 23, 2005meeting regarding interest in a rock quarry location SW of Lecompton.

Larry reported that he is waiting for the legal descriptionto complete the easement with Earl Bahnmaier. The new easement will need to bein place before the old easement is released.

A Document Tenure List was given to each council member andthe city attorney. The cityattorney had no recommendations and there were none from any council members.

After discussion regarding salt/sand dispensing on privateproperty, Chuck made a motion that we would no longer be able to continue thisassistance do to liability and cost issues; Tim seconded – vote was unanimous. Sandy is to send a letter to USD 343superintendent.

Council Members reported concerns from residents at theMobile Lodge Community regarding the street conditions there. The residents wanted to know if thecity could do anything regarding the streets within the Mobile Lodge Community. Council members were also concernedthat emergency vehicles would have difficulty navigating the area. Sandy was requested to send the MobileLodge Community of Colorado and letter.

Justin reported the internet cost that had been quoted tothe council was for residents only. The council has request the staff to check on upgrading the old officecomputer or cost of a laptop to use for internet service.


Sandy was requested to remind PC members of the open meetingact and emails in regard to this.
There was discussion regarding two individuals making twoseparate payments for account 193. Ed made a motion that one person be responsible for the payment. Tim seconded the motion; motion wasunanimous.

There was discussion regarding two individuals making twoseparate payments for one water billing. The council requested a letter be sent requesting one individual makethe payment.

The council approved a one time use at no charge for theCommunity Building to be used by Paul Bahnmaier and friends.

The council was informed of the need to update tax exemptcertificates vendors that we use as well as the accounts that are tax exemptwith the city.

There was discussion if the council member had emailaddresses, no action was taken.

There was discussion regarding a complaint from a citizenregarding Douglas County Sheriff’s department not being aware of a leash law inLecompton. No action was taken.

Sandy reported a call from Lana Keever of the Mobil LodgeCommunity requesting what would be necessary if they wanted to rent out a28’x70’ Morton Building. Thecouncil said it would depend on the use of the building. The council recommended once the use ofthe building was know, a representative should come to a council meeting todiscuss the use and requirements needed at that time.

After discussion regarding Hastert building permit, Marksaid he would contact the BZA.

9:28 Chuck made a motion to adjourn; Jennifer seconded the motionto adjourn, motion carried.