February 7, 2005

February 7, 2005 LecomptonCity Council Minute
7:07 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the meeting to order.
Council members Eddie Smith, Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish,Chuck Folks, City Superintendent Justin VanWinkle, and City Clerk Sandy Nichols
Tim made a motion to approve the minutes of January 17, 2004meeting. Chuck seconded themotion. Motion carried.
Mark made a motion to approve the accounts payable withcorrections made to Justin and Sandy’s hours entered, Ed seconded the motion,motion passed unanimously.

Jim Hughes and Jimmy Wilkins were present from the Lec.Planning Commission. Jim Hughesreminded the City Council of a Planning Commission meeting Feb. 23, 2005, 6:30P.M. at Lawrence City Hall to meet with Linda Finger regarding the quarry requestSW of Lecompton. Mr. Hughes alsorequested the City Council to give any input they might have regarding theissue. Some members did not haveenough information to give an opinion, others members did not like the timerequested for the quarry to be in operation. Jim Hughes also requested not to be appointed to thePlanning Commission in April.

There was discussion the next City Council meeting would beTuesday February 22, 2005 as Monday February 21, 2005 is a holiday.

Jim Wilkins reported that a joint planning commission withDouglas County would be expensive. Any fees acquired in the process including legal or changing ofregulations would be at the city’s expensive because they were they agency makingthe request. Horizon 2020 statesthe city would need a set urban growth area and the plans to furnish utilityneeds.

Liane Chipman – Ed made a motion stating residents may rentthe community building and use the park if available. Chuck seconded, motion was unanimous. CORRECTION: Ed made a motion stating residents may rent the communitybuilding. The park may be used ifavailable.

There will be a meeting at city hall Friday February 11,2005 at 10 A.M. regarding the boat ramp. Roy will be at the meeting.

Paul Bahnmaier wanted to use the community building for asecond meeting regarding the quarry southwest of Lecompton. Mark motioned to charge the regular feebecause this is not a community organization. Chuck seconded the motion. Three for, 1 abstained.

After internet discussion, Ed made a motion to purchase afirewall, approve DSL and cancel one phone line. Chuck seconded the motion, motion was unanimous.

After discussion of increase building inspection fees beingcharged by Dg. Co., Ed made a motion to contact the City Attorney to have anordinance to increase minimum building fee to $100. Tim seconded the motion, motion was unanimous.

Concern for zoning violation was tabled to Feb. 22, 2005 meeting.

After discussion it was decided that Justin should talk withthe township personnel regarding privacy fence or shrubs around the tanks.

There was discussion regarding what the intent was regardingboarding fees for tagged dogs on first offense. The council all agreed the intent was for the owner to payboarding fees.

After discussion again, Eddie made a motion to stay with themetal halide lights. Mark secondedthe motion. Three votes for; Timopposed. Motion carried.
9:34 Chuck made a motion to adjourn; Ed seconded the motionto adjourn, motion carried.