September 19, 2005

September 19, 2005 LecomptonCity Council Minuets
7:00 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the City Council meetingto order. Council Members MarkTunstall, Tim McNish and Ed Smith were present. Council Members Jennifer Jones and Chuck Folks were absent.

Ed made a motion to approve the September 6, 2005 minutes,Mark seconded, and the vote was unanimous.

Ed made a motion to approve the bills, Mark seconded, andthe vote was unanimous.

SCI contract was presented for council members to review andaddress at the October 3, 2005 meeting. The City Attorney will review and report back before October 3, 2005 ifhe has any concerns.

After discussion regarding the Boat Ramp, Ed made a motionto accept the Memorandum and have Mayor Roy Paslay sign the Memorandum ofUnderstanding. Mark seconded themotion, vote was unanimous.

Nancy Howard was present from the Planning Commission andreported they are in the process of reviewing the Zoning Ordinance Book.

There was discussion regarding the zoning violation at 645E. Second. The council instructedthe City Attorney, Larry Hendricks, to proceed on with Douglas County counselorto complete needed steps to finish this project.

There was no update at this time regarding the zoningviolation at 334 Clark Lot A.

There was discussion regarding wash coming down the easthill at the lagoons. The Councilinstructed the City Attorney to contact the owner, Chuck Nerhbass, to see if hewill allow the city to make changes on the property to prevent the erosion nearthe lagoons and inform him the city will need to condemn the property ifnecessary to prevent problems to the lagoons.

Justin reported the Township will be putting a new door easto the current door. The councilsaid there would not be a building permit needed and gave approval to proceed.
The Township wanted to know if the city would be interestedin purchasing the snow plow that would fit on the dump truck. The council requested Justin to get acost to purchase the snow plow.

There was discussion regarding the intersection of Woodsonand Elmore: Justin was instructed to trim about two feet off the lower branchareas.

There was discussion regarding a part time employee: The part time employee had worked anaverage of 10 hours per week this year. When reading water meters it takes one person approximately 9hours. If two people read themeters the approximate time is 2 -3 hours. Council Members Ed Smith and Mark Tunstall both expressedthe efficiency of two people reading the meters versus one. Work in the past that was done byhiring a contractor is frequently now town by the City Superintendent and apart time employee. No change of action was suggested.

Justin reported one of the master meters at the Mobile LodgeCommunity had been installed.

Justin reported the meter at the water plant had quitworking. The council suggestedrepairing the meter if possible.

Justin reported Layne-Western would be in later this week orthe first of next week to run line from the new well to the old well.

There was no news to report regarding the Water SaleContract.
There was an inquiry regarding the transmission problemswith one of the trucks. Justinreported that it had been an over speed sensor that was bad.

After discussion, tax will be removed from the parsonagebilling.

Larry will attend John Riggs dinner if it is at a time Larrywill be in Wichita.

Council requested additional Hach rust remover is ordered.

There was discussion regarding two dwellings at onelocation, one without sewer or water. No action was taken.

The council requested an example of the informationLecompton Ball Association might want to place in the Fall News Letter.

A citizen requested the city see if Hamm’s takes empty paintcans.

8:35 P.M. Mark made a motion to adjourn, Tim seconded, andvote was unanimous.