November 21, 2005

November 21, 2005 LecomptonCity Council Minutes

7:00 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the City Council meetingto order. Council Members MarkTunstall, Tim McNish, Jennifer Jones, Ed Smith, and Chuck Folks werepresent. Justin VanWinkle, CitySuperintendent, Sandy Nichols, City Clerk, and Larry Hendricks, City Attorney.

Ed Smith motioned to approve the minutes of the November 7,2005 meeting. Chuck Folks secondedthe motion, vote was unanimous.

Mark Tunstall motioned to approve the bills. Ed seconded the motion, vote was unanimous.

Paul Bahnmaier was present to inform the City Council theHistorical Society would be building a replica of Fort Titus to be placed nearthe Democratic Headquarters and moved to the live reenactment area during TerritorialDays. Mr. Bahnmaier wanted to knowif a building permit would be necessary. The council said a building permit would not be necessary.

Mr. Bahnmaier also asked if the city would like for him topurchase artificial poinsettias for eleven flower pots, three plants per pot atan estimated cost of $.89 per plant. The City council requested Mr. Bahnmaier to purchase the poinsettias andthey would reimburse his cost.

Shawn Ball was present to discuss trash service cost. After discussion, Mark made a motion toapprove a one dollar cost increase per stop effective January 2006. Jennifer seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

John ?(Eberly) from Colorado Real Estate and Lana Keeverfrom Mobile Lodge Community were present to discuss the billing at theMLC. After discussion, Chuck Folksrequested the figures on their research of water usage by customers beingbilled individually versus billing within rent. After further discussion Mayor Paslay thanked Mr. Eberly andMrs. Keever for attending and stated the Dec. 20, 2005 master meters would beread for the billing of the MLC as stated in a motion at the October 17, 2005meeting.

Larry Cyr was present to discuss his location at 334 ClarkA. Mr. Cyr reported the structurehas been disconnected from the trailer and is now free standing and believes heis within compliance. He alsorequested the recycle bins be moved to the north side of the property owned bythe city. The city council statedthe building permit he submitted needed to be submitted by the owner of theproperty. The property owner willneed to locate the north property line for compliance verification.

Kathi Fair was present to state the Planning Commissionrecommends a structural engineer look at the Community Building. Mayor Roy Paslay suggested Dan Rockhillbe contacted, council members agreed. The council suggested Mayor Paslay contact Mr. Rockhill. Jimmy Wilkins and Justin VanWinklerequested to be notified when Mr. Rockhill is available to look at thebuilding. Kathi also stated shewas working on information for submitting the Community Building to theHistorical register. Kathi alsoreported John Riggs would be attending the Planning Commission meeting January 9,2005. Kathi will be sending aletter to the City Council regarding zoning violations the PC has concernsabout. Larry Hendricks would likea copy of the letter.

Larry Hendricks reported he had spoke with the CityEngineer, Kenneth Shetlar, after he had meet with Chuck Nehrbass andJustin. After discussion, Markmade a motion to have Larry send a letter to Mr. Nehrbass stating his agreementand conditions for work to be done above the lagoons. Tim seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous. Mr. Nehrbass also spoke of rezoning ofthe “pad” area with Mr. Hendricks. Mr. Hendricks told him he would once again let the City Council knowthat Mr. Nehrbass had told him he had tried to seed this area and would like tohave the area rezoned to commercial. The council will take this into consideration, no action was taken atthis time.

Mr. Hendricks reported the papers should be on file by theend of the month regarding zoning violations at 645 E. Second.

After discussion the council requested a letter be sentregarding livestock violation at 625 E. Woodson.

Chuck made a motion the city employees take Dec. 22, 23, 24& 25 off to cover Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day being on a Saturdayand Sunday. Ed seconded the motionand the vote was unanimous.

Mark made a motion to pay Santa $50. Chuck seconded the motion and the votewas unanimous.

The city clerk will send a thank you to the Green ForestChristmas Tree Farm for donating a tree to be decorated at the communitybuilding for the third year. It isrecommended next year to give them a financial payment. Jennifer will send a thank you to theindividuals that helped decorate on November 19, 2005.

After discussion, Chuck made a motion to buy a new printerfor no more than $600. Timseconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

There was concern moving the recycle bin might be aproblem. It was decided to try thenew location and review the topic after the new location has been tried.

There was discussion regarding the treasurer jobdescription. The city clerk is tomake changes and resubmit the description. It was requested the job description for city clerk and citysuperintendent be revised also.

It was reported it was too late to revise the mill levy forthe 2006 budget.

Chuck made a motion to for the city to buy back vacation hoursthat Justin has not used by the end of the year. Mark seconded the motion, vote was unanimous.

Justin requested the council members be thinking about sickleave time and requirements to be discussed at the Dec. 5, 2005 meeting.

Information regarding the trash increase effective Jan 1,2006 should be placed on the park sign.

9:30 P.M., approximately, Chuck made a motion to adjourn tothe December 3, 2005 lightning ceremony at the City Park. Jennifer seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.