December 5, 2005

December 5, 2005 LecomptonCity Council Minutes

7:00 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the City Council meetingto order. Council Members MarkTunstall, Tim McNish, Jennifer Jones, Ed Smith, and Chuck Folks werepresent. Justin VanWinkle, CitySuperintendent, Sandy Nichols, City Clerk, and Tiffany Ball, City Treasurerwere present.

Ed Smith motioned to approve the minutes of the November 21,2005 meeting. Tim McNish secondedthe motion, vote was unanimous.

Chuck Folks motioned to approve the bills. Mark Tunstall seconded the motion, votewas unanimous.

Donna Benton was present to discuss a letter she receivedstating she had a violation with codes concerning goats. Donna stated the goats were her son’spets, they were not for breeding. The goats are Nigerian Dwarf goats and will not be over 22” tall. They are a mother and baby (wither). Mark recommends staying with thecurrent codes. Ed said we need to revisitthe code wording. Mayor Paslaysaid the goats needed to be moved out of the city limits. When ask how long they had to move thegoats it was recommended as soon as possible, no deadline was set.

Members of the Planning Commission were present. The PC presented to present informationthey had been requested to gather regarding the trailer court at Clark andWoodson. After discussion it wasrequested the City Clerk send copies of the regulations for the ManufacturedHome District, non-conforming residential, and propane tank information to theowner, Gail Tompkins. The letteris also to request she attend the January 16, 2006 meeting to discuss thisarea.
The council requested a letter be sent to Mr. Larry Cyrrequesting he attend a city council meeting to discuss payment of his sewerbill.
There was discussion of a meeting with Mr. Dan Rockhillregarding the Community Building. Mr. Rockhill was not interested in the project. Jimmy Wilkins will get estimates forthe floor, walls and electrical work. There was discussion to have the Community Building added to theHistorical Register. There wasconcern of utilizing Federal Monies to rehabilitate the building. Sandy was to check to see if therecaptured monies could be used on the Community Building.

It was noted the sleigh and reindeer had been damaged anddisposed of. There was only oneSanta outfit when Justin arrived. The mice had gotten into the plastic bag and the suit, it was disposedof.

After review and discussion of the SCI Franchise Agreement,Mark made a motion to accept the contract with SCI with Sec. XXIII change of 3%of all gross subscriber revenues for all cable television services …….. Ed seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous.

After reviewing the Memorandum of Understanding by andbetween the City of Lecompton, Douglas County, Jefferson County and the KansasDepartment of Wildlife and Parks, Tim made a motion to accept the agreement andhave the mayor sign the agreement. Jennifer seconded the motion, vote was unanimous.

Chuck made a motion to accept Ord. 773 revising trashrates. Tim seconded the motion,vote was unanimous.

After reviewing information for Ord. 774 regardingutilities, Tim made a motion to approve the ordinance. Chuck seconded the motion, the vote wasunanimous.

Mayor Roy Paslay appointed Georgia Winfield to fill thepart-time treasurer position starting January 1, 2006. Tim made a motion to accept the mayor’sappointment. Mark seconded themotion, the vote was unanimous.

The council requested Brian Klahr from Martin companies tocome to the City Hall to view the zoning regulations and if wanting copies payfor the copies he would like to have.

Mark made a motion to reimburse Darla Smith $20.60 for 96votive candles purchased for the park lighting. Jennifer seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous.(CORRECTION: ED SMITH ABSTAINED, 4 YEAS)

Ed made a motion to add the Sunshine Club to the CommunityOrganizations using the Community Building.
Mark seconded the motion, vote was unanimous.

The council will meet January 2, 2006 for their regularmeeting.

Individual interested in a massage parlor would need tocontact the PC for a special use permit.

There was discussion regarding employee sick leave andvacation time. The sick leave timewill remain as it is. Ed made amotion for both superintendent and city clerk positions pro-rate per month thevacation time the first partial year, and accumulate the first full year. January 1 after the first full year ofemployment, full vacation time be applied. Tim seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous.

The City Clerk is to submit a voucher and check for the $100extension request for water diversion work.

9:30 Chuck made a motion to adjourn, Jennifer seconded themotion, the vote was unanimous.