December 19, 2005

December 19, 2005 LecomptonCity Council Minutes

7:00 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the City Council meetingto order. Council Members MarkTunstall, Tim McNish, Ed Smith, and Chuck Folks were present. Council MemberJennifer Jones was absent. Justin VanWinkle, City Superintendent, SandyNichols, City Clerk, and Larry Hendricks, City Attorney, were present.

Chuck Folks motioned to approve the minutes of December,2005 with correction that Ed Smith abstained on the vote to reimburse DarlaSmith $20.60, 4 yeas. Tim McNishseconded the motion, vote was unanimous.

Chuck Folks motioned to approve the bills. Mark Tunstall seconded the motion, votewas unanimous.

Mayor Paslay reported Greg Bloom will be giving the city acopy of insurance for his pit bull dogs.
An article regarding vicious dogs is recommended to be placein the spring newsletter.
New Resident information should include vicious doginformation.
There was discussion to send a letter regarding dogs toanother citizen – no action was taken.

Mayor Paslay announced selections for the yard decoratingcontest: Jimmy Wilkins – firstplace, Betty Corel – second place, Roger Bartels – third place. It was suggested the announcement beplaced on the sign in the park.

Planning Commission members Kathi Fair, Jimmy Wilkins, FrankStevenson, Greg Trendel and Bruce Liese were present. Kathi presented the council members with minutes from theDec. 12, 2005 PC meeting. Therewas discussion regarding the information. PC recommended a part time zoning admin be put on the 2007 budget toconsideration. PC recommended adeadline be put on zoning violations. PC requested a copy of the letter sent to Gail Tompkins. PC wanted to know if the cc wants thePC to redo the building permit applications. Kathi presented information regarding the CB. There was discussion regarding alltopics. All recommendation with bestudy by the city council.

There was discussion regarding the need of a hepatitis shotif a city employee is working around the lagoons. Ed state in the past wastewater did not require hepatitisshots when being worked around. Itwas suggested to check with the health department to get the shots if possible. After discussion, Mark made a motion toallow city employees who wish to get a hepatitis shot to get the shots and thecity would pay for them. Edseconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.

After discussion, Mark made a motion to start GeorgiaWingfield in the city clerk position at $8.00 per hour and review in ninetydays. Ed seconded the motion andthe vote was unanimous.

The council recommended sending the SCI contract forpublication requesting the bill be sent to SCI.

After discussion, Chuck made a motion for Larry to contactMr. Nehrbass stating the council will rezone the property if they can have theability to plant the slope, and he will sign an easement for access to survey,build and maintain a berm to prevent erosion above the sand/salt area. Time seconded the motion. Three voted yea and Ed Smithapposed.

The account in MLC was tabled until the next meeting.

Ed made a motion to approve the city clerk attend amunicipal finance meeting if she wishes. Chuck seconded the motion, vote was unanimous.


Ed made a motion to give Paul Abbey an extension on hisutility bill per his request to pay as able and be caught up in March 2006.Markseconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.
Chuck made a motion to give Bev Wells an extension on herutility payment until December 31, 2005. Ed seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. The council requested both individualsknow the requests were granted because they were made in advance.

One dog was impounded.

Tim made a motion to add Georgia Wingfield, new citytreasurer as of January 2006, to the bank signature cards and remove TiffanyBall as of January 2006. Edseconded the motion, the vote was unanimous.

Mark made a motion to replace the broken chair in theoffice. Tim seconded the motion,the vote was unanimous.

Justin reported the new pump is in the well; there had beena water break at the trailer court. Layne Western did not have a gauge; the water plant was low and the newpump was not tested.
There was discussion regarding the little truck, townshipplow, Denzil Hackathorn’s sander – no action was taken. The seat in the dump truck needs to bereplaced and Justin would like to replace the radio. Justin will be on vacation most of the next two weeks. Tim suggested checking with Meyer’s inOskaloosa for a seat. Justin is tocheck to see if there is still interest in someone purchasing one of the city’strucks. Dick will be working someduring Justin’s vacation. Justinwill maintain the water plant during that time he is on vacation. Justin requested the council toconsider full time employees have same guidelines for vacation time.

9:50 Chuck motioned to adjourn, Mark seconded the motion,vote was unanimous.