February 13, 2006 PC

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
February 13, 2006

The Planning Commission met on February 13 at exactly 7:00 P.M.
Meeting was called to order by the president, Kathi Fair.

Present and attending were Nancy Howard, Jim Wilkins, Kathi Fair and Greg Trendel, Bruce Liese arrived at 7:08 PM and Frank Stevenson arrived at 7:25 PM. City Mayor Roy Paslay was present representing the City Counsel, as was much appreciated by the Planning Commission

Minutes were approved for the meetings of November 14, 2005 and also for January 9, 2006.

A building permit was presented from Shawn martin for a possible permit to install a home in Lecompton. The home was for 2200 feet living space on a foundation of 76 x 30. It was recommended and approved to send on to the City counsel, for their approval or denial, motion made by Jim Wilkins and seconded by Frank Stevenson.

A request made verbally to Kathi Fair submitted by Paul Bahnmaier from the Historical society to build a “log Cabin” type building on the Lecompton High School grounds to be permanently installed for the purposes of the Reenactment Program that is presented on Territorial Days, etc. This was approved and recommended to be sent on to the City Counsel for their approval or denial, by a motion from Nancy Howard and seconded by Frank Stevenson.

An update on the Manufactured Park upon the removal of the “recreational vehicles: and this was noted as done.

Kathi Fair reported she had contacted Douglas County Commission as to the possibility to pursue money to help pay for the repairs and update of the Community Building in Lecompton, and this was more or less downplayed by the Douglas County Commission. Discussion was held as to how to acquire funds to pay for this renovation, to no avail.

The City Counsel submitted copies of the subdivision plat for review by the Planning Commission on the Southcrest area and it was reviewed somewhat but the commission concluded we needed to await the builder to be present to receive his presentation and for more discussion and updates for this sub-division. This was tabled until the meeting in March.

Motion to adjourn was made by Greg Trendel and seconded by Nancy Howard.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35 P.M.