March 6, 2006

March 6, 2006 Lecompton City Council Minutes

7:00 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the City Council meeting to order. Council Members Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish, Ed Smith, and Chuck Folks were present. Jennifer Jones was absent. Justin VanWinkle, City Superintendent, Georgia Wingfield, City Treasurer, and Sandy Nichols, City Clerk, were present.

Chuck Folks motioned to approve the minutes of February 21, 2006. Tim McNish seconded the motion, vote was unanimous.
Mark Tunstall motioned to approve the bills. Chuck seconded the motion, vote was unanimous.

Earl Bahnmaier was present to discuss clearing of trees from the water plant north to Duncan’s property. Mayor Paslay said this was okay with him. There was no additional discussion.

Paul Bahnmaier was present to request the City give a donation for Territorial Days. Mark made a motion to donate $500 for the Territorial Day Committee. Tim seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.
There was also discussion regarding flowers for the pots on Woodson and also on Elmore. Tim made a motion for Paul to purchase flowers not to exceed $500 for the pots. Ed seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

Pat Gottstein presented a bid for the City’s insurance coverage. The council will study the bid. Mr. Gottstein will attend the March 20, 2006.

Ron Ricely was not present.

There was discussion regarding job descriptions. Ed made a motion to approve the job descriptions as modified during the discussion. Chuck seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. Justin and Sandy told the council they had decided to update the dental policy. Ed made a motion to leave the $200 allowance on the insurance. Mark seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. The council said the additional monies for the insurance could be paid by the employees however they decided.

Request for a donation from PLHS to the after prom party was tabled until March 20, 2006 meeting.

Justin gave the council an update of the work needing to be done above the lagoons. Ed made a motion to give Mayor Paslay approval to sign an agreement with Mr. Nehrbass permitting the City to have satisfactory work and approve expenditure to go ahead with the lagoon work.

After discussion, the council requested a letter be sent to the Mobile Lodge Community requesting notice prior to their water lines being flushed.

After discussion and study of copier information, the council favored the KM-1650 copier with dpi. Ed made a motion for the lease/purchase method for $78 or less with dpi. Chuck seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. Sandy is to check on a warranty, if the service contract is included with the lease/purchase agreement, and if the service contract can be added at a later time if so desired.

Sandy is to send a follow up letter to Gayle Tompkins regarding renter that has not paid sewer payment and reminder the porch must be removed as it is to close to the property line.

The council requested Kenneth Shetlar be notified they will not ready to have a discussion with him at the March 20, 2006 City Council meeting.

The council requested Donna Crawford is contacted and asked to furnish the council with information she received regarding the denial of the CDBG grant.

It is okay for Sandy to take work home provided there are no papers involved that should not leave the office.

Tim will check on options for tire disposals.

Kathi Fair stated reasons she would like to have agendas and minuets ahead of time.

9:32 P.M. Ed made a motion to go into executive session to discuss non-elective personnel. Tim seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. 9:42 P.M. the City Clerk was requested to return. Ed made a motion to extend the executive session 10 min. Tim seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. 9:48 P.M. the council resumed. The City Clerk and City Superintendent returned. The council asked if Georgia Wingfield or Kathi Fair were available to return to the meeting. The council was informed both had left.

The council said the agenda and minutes were to stay as they are. City employees work for the City Council and the Mayor.

The council requested the City Clerk to contact the Planning Commission to receive approved minutes of the PC meetings so they may be added to the web site.

10:07 P.M. a motion was made and seconded to adjourn to the March 13, 2006 Planning Commission Meeting. The vote was unanimous.
Sandy Nichols, City Clerk