March 13, 2006 PC

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
March 13, 2006

Call to Order: 7:00 PM Kathi Fair
Roll call: Nancy, Kathi, Shirley, Bruce, Frank, Greg
Approval of Minutes February, 2006 (Bruce/Greg) (6-0)

1. James Nalley: The request for the building permit was deleted from the agenda per his request.

2. John Chaney: Mr. Chaney presented material on his proposal for a subdivision. Discussion was held. The LPZC requested that Mr. Chaney return with more details on 3/27/06 and to submit a variance request.

3. Bruce Liese: Mr. Liese requested information on establishing a home-based business. Discussion was held. Mr. Liese was encouraged to return to submit a special use permit.

4. Submission of minutes on the website: Minutes of the LPZC may be submitted to Sandy for publication on the website.

5. Community Building: Members of the Historical Society believe that the community building may be able to participate in the State Register with few modifications. Representatives of the Historical Society will be invited to the next meeting for further discussion.

6. Community Rural Development Plan: A public meeting will be held on 3/15/06 at 6PM. LPZC members are encouraged to attend. Discussion was held on scheduling a meeting with the County Commissioners. Discussion was also held on conducting a town meeting to discussion proposals of the Community Rural Development Committee.

7. City Council minutes: Minutes of the Lecompton City Council will be available to LPZC members after approval. Agendas will be made available the day of the council meetings.

8. LPZC member attendance at City Council meetings: City Council meetings are open meetings. Any member of the public or the LPZC may attend. Discussion was held on the purpose of attendance by LPZC members.

9. City slogan: Bruce will continue to develop a city slogan

Adjourn: LPZC adjourned to 3/27/06. 8:50 PM (Nancy/Frank) (6-0)