March 20, 2006

March 20, 2006 Lecompton City Council Minutes

7:00 P.M. Mayor Roy Paslay brought the City Council meeting to order. Council Members Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish, and Chuck Folks were present. Jennifer Jones and Ed Smith were absent. Justin VanWinkle, City Superintendent, Georgia Wingfield, City Treasurer, and Sandy Nichols, City Clerk, were present.

Chuck Folks motioned to approve the minutes of March 3 and 13, 2006 with 2 corrections. Tim McNish seconded the motion, vote was unanimous.
Mark Tunstall motioned to approve the bills. Chuck seconded the motion, vote was unanimous.

Paul Bahnmaier was present to request approval to have the sign in the park painted/stained to match the color
of signs around town. The Council approved. Paul also mentioned the shingles needed to be replaced on the sign gable. Paul requested approval to place an informational sign regarding Fort Titus in the area south of the No Parking signs by the shop. The Council approved. There was discussion regarding a large “L” shaped limestone rock and where it could be placed. Mayor Paslay will call Rance Roberts to get size information. Paul also shared articles regarding Constitution Hall and Territorial Days in a Travel Magazine. There was discussion regarding the number of “hits” on the Lecompton web site.

Lora Eubank and Steve Bourn from KG Insurance were present to present a proposal for insurance renewal. After revision requests Mark made a motion to continue with KG Insurance with requested corrections. Tim seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

Tim made a motion to authorize Mayor Paslay to sign contract papers for the new Postage Security Device. Chuck seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

Chuck made a motion to authorize Mayor Paslay to sign the Fair Housing Proclamation.

Mark made a motion to authorize Mayor Paslay to sign Appropriation Agreement for the copier.

After discussion the council agreed not to donate to the after Prom non-alcoholic Party.

Job descriptions were reviewed and signed by Mayor Paslay and the council member that were present.
After discussion of other locations and how insurance is paid, Tim made a motion to pay all health insurance premiums for all full time employees only. Chuck seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

The City Clerk reported communication from KDHE suggesting a Water Conservation Plan. The City Engineer and the City Grant Write both recommended the plan and having KRWA assist with the plan. The City Clerk will contact KRWA.

Justin reported on a Recycle Tire location he had talked with. There was discussion City Council member would help Justin pickup tires June 10 in the morning. Citizens are to have tires at the curb by 8 A.M. Mounted tires will not be accepted.

Justin reported the tires on the white truck have dry rot and need to be replaced. Justin had located Cross Mid-West in Topeka. They have tires at a better price than any other location Justin could find. Chuck made a motion to have Justin get 6 tires for the white truck. Mark seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

It was reported the entrance had been removed at 334 Clark A and is no longer in violation.


A certified letter is to be sent to Ron Ricley requesting he let the City know if the chickens have been removed,
if they have not been removed remove them, or attend April 3, 2006 meeting. If the city has to remove the chickens it will be at Mr. Ricley’s expense.

It was reported the only Franchise agreement with the phone company is dated 1977. The City Clerk is to contact the company to see if they have a more recent agreement on file.

Bruce Liese reported his understanding of the City’s standing with Douglas County encroachment regulations. Mr. Liese recommends a Town Hall meeting to discuss this issue. Mr. Liese will continue to study this.
Mr. Liese is still interested in a contest for a City Slogan. This subject will be tabled until a new City Council has started.

There was discussion regarding variances which was tabled until Larry was at a meeting.

Mark presented information regarding repair of the brick walk south of the park. The subject was tabled until a new council.

9:05 Chuck motioned to adjourn the City Council meeting. Mark seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.
Sandy Nichols City Clerk