May 8, 2006 PC

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2006

Call to Order: Kathi Fair at 7:00 PM

Roll Call: Kathi, Shirley, Jimmy, Jeff, Greg, Nancy, Jenny

Approval of Minutes: March and April minutes were deferred

New Business:
1. Pat Zollner from the KS Historical Society presented information about the criteria for registration on the Register of Historic Kansas Places. Discussion was held on the various financial incentives. The LPZC recommended moving forward with this designation

2. Recognition of new members: Jeff Robertson and Jenny Smith were welcomed to the LPZC

3. Resignation: Kathi Fair resigned effective immediately

4. Frank Stevenson: Shirley sent a sympathy card to Frank’s family from the LPZC

5. Tex Harrell: Mr. Harrell proposes a change in zoning for land along Highway 1029. Discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

6. Mr. Chaney: The City Council did not require Mr. Chaney to send his proposal to the Board of Zoning Appeals. The Board of Zoning Appeals and the Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission was not notified until after Mr. Chaney was notified. He will continue development.

7. Communication with City Council members: Much discussion was held on the responsibilities of the LPZC, communication between the LPZC and relationship between the two groups. No recommendations were made.

Adjourned: 8:00 (Jimmy/Shirley) (7-0)