May 8, 2006

May 8, 2006 Lecompton City Council Minutes
7:00 P.M.
City Council meeting joined the Planning Commission meeting. Mayor Paslay, Council members Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish, Ed Smith and Bruce Liese were present. Chuck Folks was absent. City Superintendent Justin VanWinkle and City Clerk Sandy Nichols were present.

New Planning Commission members Jeff Robertson and Jennifer Smith were introduced.

Pat Zollner from the Kansas Historical Society was present to discuss the possibility of adding the Community Building to the State Historical Register. Concern of the front window was discussed. It would be fine for the State Historical Register. Possibilities of funding were discussed. The only disadvantage mentioned was if changes were to be made they would need to be approved by the State Interior. It was stated the back addition would not have to be removed. If the Community Building was to be added to the National Historical Register the front window and the drop ceiling might have to be restored to the original style. The State Historical Society would have someone assist us with grant application and contractor lists. It is possible there would be a CDBG grant we could apply for.

There was discussion regarding ADA requirements and needs. Replacement of windows was discussed. It was stated the windows would need to stay original as possible – storm windows possible. Any changes within 500 feet would need to be reviewed. Sheet rock would be okay, keeping the depth the same and rounding around windows.

Kathi Fair presented her resignation. Jimmy Wilkins presided of the remainder of the meeting.

Tex Harrell presented an application for rezoning. The Planning Commission will study the application and try to have a recommendation at the June 12, 2006 meeting.

Planning Commission discontentment issues were present to the City Council.
Planning Commission adjourned.
The Lecompton City Council continued with items they needed to discuss.
It was requested to put on the agenda when the City Attorney would be present at a meeting to discuss law suit issue that might arise from any PC actions.

The Lecompton City Council discussed the need of new brick for the sidewalk south of the park. Bruce made a motion to approve approximately $4500 to purchased brick. Mark seconded the motion. Bruce amended his motion to approve a maximum of $4500 to spend on purchase of brick for repair of the sidewalk. Tim seconded the motion and the vote was 3 yeas and Ed Smith voted against. The motion carried.

Three resolutions for Municipal Banking CDs at First State Bank and Trust were presented to add Tim McNish for the signing of the City of Lecompton accounts: Resolution #221 for account #44890 resolution # 222 for account # 44891, and resolution #223 for account #45279. Bruce made a motion to approve Resolution #221, 222 and 223. Ed seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

It was recommended sending a thank you to the PC for their efforts in having Mr. Pat Zollner from the Kansas Historical Society make a presentation.

It was requested to discuss Open Meeting violations at the next meeting the City Attorney will be attending.

8:57 Tim made a motion to adjourn. Ed seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.
Sandy Nichols, City Clerk