July 10, 2006 PC

July 10, 2006

Public Hearing for rezoning the property from residential to commercial this belonging to Mike Goodrich was called to order by President, Greg Trendel at 7:00 P.M.

The commission members attending were Jennifer Smith, Jeff Robertson, Darby Lohrding, Greg Trendel, Nancy Howard.

Greg Trendel limited the discussion per patron to five minutes. After much discussion as to the pros and cons of the rezoning, the president ended the public hearing at 7:29 PM.

President Greg Trendel opened the regular Planning Commission meeting at 7:30 PM.

The minutes were approved as read, Jennifer Smith made motion to approve and Jeff Robertson seconded the motion.

The Planning Commission welcomed Darby Lohrding as the new Plannning commissioner.

After much discussion by the Planning Commission as to the rezoning, it was recommended that the Commission vote as to their recommendation. The vote was three in favor of rezoning and two against rezoning. Those in favor were Jennifer Smith, Jeff Robertson, Greg Trendel and those opposing rezoning were Darby Lohrding and Nancy Howard. It was recommended to present the rezoning decision to the City Counsel at the next regular meeting which would be on July 17th, 2006.

Motion was made by Nancy Howard to nominate Kim Richter as the new Planning Commission secretary. Jennifer Smith seconded this motion. All approved.

Discussion was held about the property of John Cheney with no other information available.

New business comprised of information relating to John Riggs attending the next Planning Commission meeting for discussion and questions to be presented for questions and answering session.

Discussion also was held about the “Community Building” and there is still not much new information.

At 8:43 PM