November 6, 2006

November 6, 2006 Lecompton City Council Minutes
Roy Paslay opened meeting at 7:00 P.M. on Monday November 6, 2006.
Council members Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish, Chuck Folks, Ed Smith, and Bruce Liese were present, Justin VanWinkle, City Superintendent and Georgia Winfield City Treasurer were present.

Mark made a motion to approve October 16th minutes with corrections that Hendricks is spelled with an “e” not an “I”. Tim 2nd the motion and the vote was unanimous.

October 20th minutes should be Oct 30th. Also Ed seconded motion to waive the fee on the CB for students to eat November 1 or 9th. Chuck made motion to approve the October 30 minutes with corrections. Tim seconded and the vote was unanimous.

Brian Kelley was not present at the meeting to discuss changes being made after his building permit application was approve. Brian is already doing dirt work in new location. The council is requesting a site plan map due location change of building. Roy will follow up.

Linda Merchant was not present. Justin had talked to her when she called the office to discuss Christmas decorating contest. The council said she does not live in the city limits and therefore can’t be in contest.

Sandy needs an extension on her garage. Ed made a motion to extend Sandy’s building permit by 60 days. Bruce seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

Roy appointed Susie Hackathorn and Paul Maline for Planning Commission. Chuck made a motion to approve the mayor’s appointments to the Planning Commission. Tim seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

Justin read letter from Secretary of State, Ron Thornburgh on “Safe at Home” regarding acceptance of a substitute address provided by the State for participants in the confidentiality program.
Justin read letter from Dg. Co. resolution #06-35 regarding dispersement of yearly money.

David Burbank stopped by the office to say he was finished cleaning his yard and removed old cars as requested by City Council.

A fax was received from Beth LaCava owner of property in 300 Block of Elmore requesting that the Beauty Shop have their own meter. After discussion, the council decided that it was okay for a seconded meter to be installed at the property owner’s expense. They will be required to pay the $1000 meter fee plus installation costs to the city and also $100 deposit for the new account.

Pat Istas/Tim Rue have requested permission to cut wood on Clark Street city lot. After discussion, the city council decided not to permit access on the newly planted grass in fear of destroying the work done to improve the lot appearance.

There was discussion regarding water treatment testing by Layne Western. The KDHE is requiring Tonka to also do a pilot study to be approved for the State of Kansas. Kenneth Shetlar had contacted the office to see if the council would be interested in paying for a pilot study by Tonka. The council said they were not interesting in paying for the pilot study.

ECO2 will be here for the meeting Nov. 20th.

Discussion was held regarding Bill Leslie’s water meter at the old house on Seventh Street. Justin has installed a meter at this location and the council is requiring a $100 deposit.

Bruce and Roy took pictures of Pfeffer property on Elmore. Discussion was held regarding the property. The council is requesting a representative of the Pfeffer property to attend the Nov. 20th council meeting.

Discussion was held regarding the Christmas decorating event. Ed made a motion to allow a maximum of $50 for pizza. Mark seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. It was decided to continue Candy Canes as usual. Mark will get a tree. Bruce has taken care of Santa and the council decided to continue paying Santa $50. Mark also said he would take care of Christmas judges for the decorating contest.

Jennifer Smith left a letter stating she will pick all pumpkins up Tuesday and dispose of them. She also left a letter from the Planning Commission with concerns of building permit violations. The council would like for the Planning Commission to research what may have been done wrong and report back to the council.

Justin will contact Westar about putting up the Christmas lights.

There was discussion regarding the sale of the truck and plow.

8:25 P.M. Motion made by Ed to adjourn seconded by Chuck.
Justin VanWinkle, City Superintendent