March 12, 2007 PC

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
Monday, March 12, 2007
Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007
Call to Order: 7:05 pm, Jennifer Smith
Roll call:
Present: Jennifer Smith, Kim Richter, Jeff Robertson, (no quorum)
Absent: Paul Maline, Darby Lohrding, Susie Hackathorn
Visitors: John Chaney, Justin Van Winkle, Sandy Nichols

Approval of Minutes:

Presentation of Requests and Petitions: None

Notices and Communications:

Reports of Standing and Special Committees: None

Old Business:
At the direction of the Mayor, Jen and Sandy sent a letter to the Leslies that asked them to complete a lot split application. The Leslies did so and the city notified the adjacent property owners of the lot split that asked for reports of any concerns. None have been lodged. We need to vote on this within 30 days of the application (March 1).

John Riggs had made a few recommendations that we should incorporate into our Zoning Ordinance book: 1) resolve discrepancy between our comprehensive plan and our zoning ordinance book on variance fees, 2) we could levy a fee for lot splits, 3) Sandy has put together a list of what other cities charge for different permits. Our outgoing city attorney suggested we create a list of fee changes and pass them all in one ordinance. Jen will ask the attorney how we go about making changes to the Zoning Ordinance book.

New Business:
Chaney lot split application: John Chaney presented his lot split application and plans. This is a vacant area, within block 36, zoned R1, that Mr. Chaney wishes to split into three tracts. The public has been notified, and they have until the 16th to comment – they were also notified of the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting so that they could attend the Commission meeting on the 12th.

The Chaney and Leslie lot split application information will be in the file drawer if anyone needs to review them.

Jen adjourned the meeting to March 19th at the Lecompton City Hall at 6:45 to discuss and vote on the lot split on Boone Street and the Leslie lot split.

3-12-07 Minutes prepared by Kim Richter.
Monday, March 19, 2007
Called to order at 6:45 p.m. by Jennifer Smith
Present: Susie, Darby, Paul, Jeff, Jennifer
Absent: Kim Richter

Business: Susie moved and Jeff seconded to approve the lot split application for the tract on Boone Street. There was a short discussion. John Chaney (the applicant) reported that two of the neighboring property owners had signed and returned letters with no opposition. He had a couple of phone calls regarding whether or not the zoning would change and it will not. He also had one inquiry regarding whether he would be building duplexes and he is not.
Susie asked about the creek that runs along the east and south ends of the property. Mr. Chaney said that he is leaving the lot on the south wider to accommodate the creek.
The commission proceeded to vote and the motion passed with Susie, Jeff, Paul and Jenny in favor, and Darby opposed.
Jeff moved and Darby seconded to approve the Leslie lot split application. There was no discussion. Motion passed unanimously.
Susie moved and Paul seconded to adjourn at 6:52 p.m. Motion passed unanimously.

3-19-07 Minutes prepared by Jennifer Smith