June 11, 2007 PC

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
Monday, June 11, 2007

Call to Order: 7:05 pm, Jennifer Smith
Roll call:
Present: Jennifer Smith, Kim Richter, Paul Maline,
Absent: Jeff Robertson, Darby Lohrding, Suzie Hackathorn
Visitors: Shane Jones, Jennifer Jones, Steve Fugett, Bonnie Fugett, Cyndi Treaster, Chris Houston, Brenda Mullins

Approval of Minutes:

Presentation of Requests and Petitions: None

Notices and Communications: Jen reported on the Woods, Letters to City commissioners, County commissioners, and the KS Dept of Agriculture regarding Martin Marietta.

Reports of Standing and Special Committees: None

Old Business: None

New Business:
Shane Jones attended the last city commission meeting to explore the possibility of developing property on Jones Street. The city asked Shane to survey the land and bring a proposal to the planning and zoning commission for approval. Jen explained the subdivision approval process. Utility improvement has to occur before the land can be sold. There is currently no road that extends to some property that he owns and might want to sell. There is a narrow lane that leads back to it. Shane wondered about how much he might need to widen/improve the road. He doesn’t want to replatte the land, take it to the commission, and be told he has to improve the road to the point that he can’t afford to build it. There is an old landfill next to that land, and Jennifer and Steve wondered about the impact of the landfill on the road and the impact of the landfill on the property – both in terms of land stability and in terms of water quality and septic. It was a privately owned landfill that wasn’t regulated. Shane said that that dump is on Nehrbass property. Jen will speak to the city to find out what the legal implications of the dump are. Widening the street may require additional easements from existing properties, which will require input from neighbors, especially because the road is not centered on the right of way. Also, there’s already more traffic than there should be on that road, and improving it, and building more houses on it, may aggravate the situation.

The most recent developer in Lecompton was John Cheney. He provided a good bit of details on streets, public utilities, and affected properties. But this level of detail is appropriate for approval of new developments, although there is “wiggle room” in the regulations.

Chris wondered what sort of regulations the road will ultimately have to adhere to. The Planning and Zoning commission needs to know that. There is leeway in the regulations that depend on usage, land topography, etc. So Shane needs to bring more information to the planning commission in the form of a sketch, with rationales for road improvements that address subdivision road rules and neighbor concerns, for the planning commission to review. Specific issues to address include easements, locations of current and future utilities, the legal center of the road, the location of the dump, waterline capacity, the ability to fund the road improvement, and specific problems and solutions from 7th street from Jones to the end. Jen is asking about whether it is currently a private road or not. Chris advised Shane to get the County Health Department to do some tests on the property to make sure the land is safe for habitation.

Kim motioned, Paul seconded a motion to adjourn. Passed unanimously. Jen adjourned the meeting at 8:45 pm.

Minutes prepared by Kim Richter.