July 2, 2007


7:00 P.M. Mayor Paslay brought the regular Lecompton City Council meeting to order. Council Members Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish, Chuck Folks, Ed Smith and Bruce Liese were present. City Superintendent Justin Van Winkle, City Treasurer Stephanie Soash and City Clerk Sandy Nichols were present. Terri Smith Douglas County Emergency Management Acting Director was present. Residents Nancy Howard and Rev. Ken Baker were also present.

Ed made a motion to approve the minutes of June 18. Tim seconded the motion and the vote was approved unanimously.

Ed made a motion to pay the bills. Tim seconded the motion and the vote was approved unanimously.

Terri Smith, Douglas County Emergency Management Acting Director, was present to follow up on interest expressed by the council at an earlier date regarding Community Emergency Response Team. A late September or early October training, could be planned. It is a 24 “hour” course provided on weekends or evenings during the week. 32 trainees would be a good attendance, minimum of 18 years old. It is recommended to include a school representative. The council requested Terri to proceed with brochures and the city clerk will be her contact person.

Nancy Howard was present with questions regarding the use of the Community Building during Territorial Days. Mrs. Howard wanted to know why tables were not allowed outside the Community Building for the ice cream social? Why did tables have to be hauled from the church when they could have been taken three feet out of the Community Building? Why wasn’t the interior room of the Community Building available for people in case someone was hot? The council discussed the regulations stating the tables were not to be removed from the building. There was concern if exceptions were made for Territorial Days others would want the same. It was noted the inside of the building, tables, chairs, and air conditioning could have been used. The council stated concern of leaving the building open unsupervised.

The council requested the city clerk to contact Keith Browning for an update on the bridge.

Mayor Paslay appointed Jeff Goodrick to represent the City of Lecompton on the Douglas County Emergency Management Team. Ed made a motion to approve the mayor’s appointment provided Mr. Goodrick would accept the appointment. Chuck seconded the motion and the vote was approved unanimously.

The Lecompton Volunteer Corp requested more dirt to be placed around the merry-go-round. They will plan to work on this project July 10, 2007 at 7 P.M. Sandy Nichols said she would donate the dirt with a request to have a load delivered to her property while the equipment is already there. Mark made a motion to have the City Superintendent bring in a load of dirt for the merry-go-round and to take a load to Sandy’s location. Ed seconded the motion and the vote was approved unanimously.

Justin reported on 300 block of Elmore Street. Doug Stephens from Douglas County Public Works was out and stated more oil could be added to the chip and seal, need to patch before, and would still continue to have problems. Mr. Stephens recommended contacting LRM for an estimate to remove old asphalt and rework the street. A representative from LRM was out to look at the street. A $10745 estimate was received to saw, remove and haul away the existing chip seal/asphalt pavement/rock base to a depth of four inches in and area measuring approximately 27 foot wide by 200 foot long section of the 300 block of Elmore and install four inches average depth hot mix asphalt in the excavated area. There was discussion as to city employee(s) removing the existing chip/seal. It was suggested the patch work be done on the south side of town. Justin is to contact AIC for an estimate of work needed on Elmore Street.

Justin reported concern about keys available for the closet at the Community Building. There was concern about breakers being changed, increase size by someone using the Community Building. Ed made a motion to change the lock on the closet. Tim seconded the motion and the vote was approved unanimously. There was discussion as to who needed keys. It was decided the clean ladies, City Superintendent and City Clerk would receive keys to the closet. It was recommended the Golden Rod group use the closet on the West end of the room.

The City Clerk reported the temporary notes that were received to drill the new well in 2005 are due August 1, 2007, $100,000 plus $6,600 interest. The notes were to be incorporated into the bonds for the new water plant. However, the paper work is not ready at this time and it was recommended by Rural Development to get an extension on the notes. It was reported the extension would be an additional $2400 cost. After discussion, Ed made a motion to request an extension of the temporary notes at this time. Mark seconded the motion and the vote was approved unanimously.

Two letters were read that had been received from Carolyn Mathews Stewart. The first letter was regarding the City’s requested to purchase an acre of property from Ms. Stewart. The second letter was regarding mowing that had taken place at her property. After discussion, the council requested a letter be sent to Ms. Stewart stating we are looking at various locations and at this time the city did not have specifications regarding the water tower but would keep her informed as there was further development. Also a letter being sent stating the city superintendent only mowed a five foot swath on 7th Street. He did not mow any on the east side of Whitfield or the east side of Simms south of 7th Street.

Tex Harrell called to say he had been in contact with Michael Goodrich regarding the code violation on his property. It was stated the area would be mowed. Mr. Harrell wanted to know if there was other property in the city limits that was not mowed.

It was reported there would be a Public Hearing August 20, 2007 at 6:45 P.M. regarding the water tower.

There was discussion regarding SM Ball billing for cleanup after Territorial Day. Mark made a motion to invite the Territorial Day Committee to the next council meeting to discuss needs of the Territorial Day Committee. Chuck seconded the motion and the vote was approved unanimously.

A letter the council requested to be sent to the Lecompton Fire Rescue Dist #1 was read and the council gave their approval to send the letter.

Stephanie Soash’s job description was reviewed and signed by the Mayor, Council Members, and Stephanie. Bruce made a motion to start paying Stephanie $10.00 per hour during her probation time and to evaluate her pay at the end of the probation time. Chuck seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. It was recommended Stephanie attend the first council meeting of the month.

9:15 P.M. Ed made a motion to adjourn. Chuck seconded the motion and the vote was approved unanimously.
Sandy Nichols, City Clerk