November 19, 2007


7:00 P.M. Mayor Paslay called the Lecompton City Council Meeting to order. Council Members Tim McNish, Bruce Liese, Christy Mallonee and Ed Smith were present. Council Member Mark Tunstall was absent. City Superintendent Justin Van Winkle, City Attorney Lee Hendricks and City Clerk Sandy Nichols were also present.

Ed Smith made a motion to approve the November 5, 2007 minutes. Christy Mallonee seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas and 0 nays.

Ed made a motion to approve the bills before them. Tim seconded the motion and the vote was 4 yeas and 0 nays.

Brandon Bundy and Andrew Slater were present to discuss the Jayhawk Classic Cycle Race. The race will take place April 12, 2008. The Cycle Club will handle all necessary requirements. Informative publications will be made available to city residents. The City Clerk is requested to give a list of residents that will be on the race route to the club. The club will send letters to the resident’s regarding street closures. There will be a volunteer at each intersection. The club will clean affected corners prior to the race. Any major pot holes will be repaired. Bruce made a motion for the City of Lecompton to host the Jayhawk Classic April 12, 2008, contingent upon the City Attorney’s approval after reviewing waiver information. Ed seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

Bruce Smith was present from RWD #3. There was discussion regarding changes and additions needed for a 40 year contract that the City is required to have for the water treatment plant grant/loan from Rural Development.

Steve and Lavana Smith were present to request a streetlight at the south end of Halderman. There are four driveways and five properties that would benefit from a streetlight on this dead end street. There are children in this area that would be safer. There is already a pole at the location with a transformer on it. Bruce moved to put a streetlight at this location. Tim seconded the motion and the vote passed 3 yeas, Ed Smith voted nay not that he apposed the light but would like to have had more information.

There was discussion regarding final payment of utilities when a renter moves. The council will follow the city codes, if the final utility bill is not paid the owner is responsible. If the owner does not pay the bill it will be added to the property tax roll. The new renter will be furnished utilities.

Christy made a motion to approve Ordinance #786 regarding trash rate increases to take effect January 1, 2008. Tim seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

Council requested City Attorney to continue with paperwork to have the 1% sales tax question put on the April 1, 2008 ballot.

Justin reported on the following subjects:
1. meeting with Kenneth Shetlar regarding the new water treatment plant. The council requested the City Clerk to ask Donna Crawford, Kenneth Shetlar and Rex Heape to attend the Dec. 3 meeting. Lee Hendricks said he would be able to attend also.
2. Salt/sand storage
3. Placement of Holiday lights on poles
4. The individual whose bid was accepted for the blue truck has been in the hospital. He has not been able to get out to pay and pick up the truck. Christy made a motion if he wants the truck he needs to make arrangements by November 30, 2007 or the truck will be bid out again. Tim seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.
5. Mowing of property on the NW corner of Woodson Ave. and Eisenhower Drive is done as best as possible.

The council would like to meet with Dave Bogner on December 17, 2007 to discuss end of the year transfers and budget questions.

The Council did not approve a Girl Scout sleepover in the Community Building.

Letter from John Harper was read.

The council would like to renew the 18mth CD for 182 days.

Bruce made a motion that rental of the Community Building must be arranged for one year or less prior to the event. Christy seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas and 0 nays.

Ed made a motion for City Clerk and City Treasurer salaries are in the range of $10.00 – $15.00, and City Attorney salary is in the range of $100 – $125. Tim seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

Justin and Sandy are to send a letter to Eleanor Lohman regarding a brush pile in her yard, giving her until Dec. 3, 2008 to dispose of the brush pile or contact the office.

Bruce gave an update on the EO2.
9:08 P.M. Christy made a motion to adjourn. Bruce seconded and the vote passed 3 yeas, Bruce nay.

Sandy Nichols, City Clerk