April 14, 2008 PC

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
Monday, April 14, 2008

Call to Order: Jennifer called the meeting to order at 7:00.
Roll call:
Present: Kim Richter, Jeff Roberts, Mary Jane Hoffer, Jennifer Smith
Absent: Darby Lohrding, Paul Maline

Approval of Minutes: Kim moved, Jeff seconded acceptance of the minutes, passed unanimously.

Presentation of Requests and Petitions: None

Notices and Communications:
– We will adjourn the meeting to the Lecompton City Commission meeting in order to discuss the Kansas Open Meetings Act.
– Mary Jane Hoffer was appointed by the Mayor to join the planning zoning commission.

Reports of Standing and Special Committees: None

Old Business: Developers of the industrial park near the intersection of K-10 and the Farmer’s Turnpike wrote the commission to ask for contact information to update us on the development.

New Business:
– Shane Jones presented the history of his building permits for his land. He wants to break up one 17 acre block of land into two blocks of land and sell them for residential building. He pointed out that the road had been vacated. If this is the case, the homeowners using that road are all in effect sharing a driveway and this is not permitted in either the county or the city of Lecompton. The city maintains the road minimally with rock and mowing– sometimes for the whole length (from corner at Shane’s house to 7th street). The planning commission needs to check on the legal status of the street. Nothing can be decided regarding the land, and whether to accept any replatting plan, until the status of the road is determined.

Public Comment:
o Steve Hewlett made a public comment that he felt the neighbors would be forced to bear the cost of any utility improvements, just to improve the salability of Mr. Jones land.
o Pat Winchester wondered if we had established the legal status of the road.
o Chris Huston believes that we need to find out the legal status of the road before any other action has taken.

JV was contacted regarding sale of land near his house, just to give us a heads-up. We may get some building permit requests from that new owner.

Kim nominated, Mary Jane seconded Jeff Roberts for president-passed unanimously.

Jeff nominated, Kim seconded Mary Jane to be vice president, passed unanimously.

Jeff nominated, Mary Jane seconded, accepting Jen’s resignation, passed unanimously.

Jeff adjourned the meeting to Monday April 21 to the City Commission meeting in order to discuss KOMA.

April 21 continuation of April 14 meeting – Joint Lecompton Planning and Zoning/City Commission meeting.

Present: Kim Richter, Jeff Roberts, Mary Jane Hoffer

The City Commission discussed the Kansas Open Meeting Act and its impact on email communications. If we conduct email communications as a group we will violate KOMA. One-way communications to the group (i.e., when Kim sends out the minutes and agenda) are OK, but we cannot “reply to all” because this constitutes a meeting.

Jeff adjourned the Planning & Zoning portion of the meeting at 7:40.