December 8, 2008 PC

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
Monday, December 8, 2008

Call to Order: There was not a quorum so we did not call to order.
Roll call:
Present: Kim Richter, Mary Jane Hoffer, Betty Corel
Absent: Jeff Robertson, Paul Maline, Steve Cretsinger, Darby Lohrding
Visitor: Richard Hird

Approval of Minutes: N/A

Presentation of Requests and Petitions: None

Notices and Communications:
– Kim will attend the Lawrence city Commission meeting on Dec. 9 to see what’s happening with the sector zoning around the Farmer’s Turnpike and K-10.

Reports of Standing and Special Committees: None

Old Business: None

New Business:
Mr. Hird is looking for a place to put in a de-watering facility for a septic and grease trap for his waste transport. He’s working with NAWT on plans for a site (National Association of Waste Transporters). He is afraid that Kansas might outlaw land application, it’s getting more expensive to dump at the Lawrence water treatment plant, and so he’d like to develop a facility to separate water from solid waste. He is interested in some land in Lecompton for a facility, in
Particular near the present water treatment lagoons. The facility would enable him to put the water directly into the sewer at a metered rate and the solids in the landfill. He only needs 1 acre, cnough for a 50 X 70 building, which is big enough for him now and well into the future. He would be willing to buy 3 acres, use one, and sell the rest either to the city or someone else.

Study Session: None