February 9, 2009 PC

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
Tuesday February 9, 2008

Call to Order: There was not a quorum so we did not call to order.
Roll call:
Present: Jeff Robertson, Paul Maline, Betty Corel
Absent: Steve Cretsinger, Darby Lohrding, Kim Richter, Mary Jane Hoffer
Visitors: Matt Gough, Marsha Paslay, Roy Paslay, Carla P. Anderson, Dennis J. Anderson

Approval of Minutes: N/A no quorum

Presentation of Requests and Petitions: None

Notices and Communications:

Reports of Standing and Special Committees: None

Old Business: None

New Business:
Mr. Gough was invited to give his presentation to those present if so desired. Mr. Gough’s presentation started at 7:07 PM. His presentation was regarding the 59 acres that Rockwall Farms is requesting to be rezoned from agricultural to B-2. These 59 acres is within a three (3) mile radius of Lecompton. This area needs to be rezoned to a zoning that approves chapels, banquet facilities, hunting, restaurants, cabins so loans may be acquired to proceed with the development. Banks do not want to loan on property that has not been zoned for the use of intent planned. The site plan is rectangular with buffers and will work with natural area. This is a rural development, not an urban development plan. Rezoning does not apply to the liquor or hunting licenses required. Water will be from Rural Water District #6. Fire protection is uncertain at this time. Mr. Anderson is concerned about the B-2 zoning including liquor licenses and is oppose to this. Carla Anderson has concerns about people drinking off the B-2 zoning. Mrs. Anderson is also concerned about what appears to be a road being built or an entrance near their property. Mr. Gough stated it was not a road. Paul Maline suggested the developers contact the Anderson’s regarding their concerns and questions. Mr. Gough said he would have the developer contact the Andersons.

A special meeting is requested by Jeff Robertson to have a consensus of the PC opinion regarding this development prior to a joint meeting with Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission. Betty and Paul agree. The Lecompton City Clerk will try to contact PC members to have a quorum for Feb. 17, 2009 at 6 PM.

Study Session: None


Notes by: Sandra K. Nichols, Lecompton City Clerk