July 6, 2009


7:00 P.M. Mayor Paslay brought the Lecompton City Council Public Hearing regarding property at 335 E 5th St., Lecompton to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Jimmy Wilkins, Christy Mallonee, Mark Tunstall, Tim McNish, and Jennifer Smith were present. Also present were the following: City Superintendent, Justin Van Winkle, City Clerk, Sandy Nichols, and City Treasurer Linda Guthrie. Visitors arriving during the public hearing were: Elsie Middleton, Mr. & Mrs. Ron Ricley, Kevin Benton, Dave Bogner, Mike Emming, and Earl Bahnmaier.
The city clerk reported certified mail had been returned “unclaimed” by Mr. Coletta. Mail had been sent to his last known address in Lecompton as well as an address in Elgin IL that was received as a new address on an “unclaimed” returned letter. A notice of the public hearing was sent to both addresses and also put in a zip lock bag taped to the locked gate on the property at 335 E 5th, Lecompton, KS. 66050. There was no representation for Mr. Coletta present. There were no public comments. After discussion, no action was taken. The council requested this to be placed on the July 20 agenda when the city attorney would be present. 6:55 P.M. Public Hearing closed by Mayor Paslay.

7:00 PM. Mayor Paslay brought the Lecompton City Council regular meeting to order. Jimmy Wilkins made a motion to approve the June 15, 2009 minutes. Jennifer Smith seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Mark Tunstall made a motion to approve the bills before them. Jimmy seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays. Mark made a motion to pay Midland Contractors billing of $309,933.89. Christy Mallonee seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Dave Bogner presented and discussed the 2010 budget. There was discussion of the need to raise water rates. The council approved having an August 8, 2009 6:30 P.M. hearing for the 2010 budget.
City Treasurer Linda Guthrie left the meeting at 7:05.

Mike Emming was present to furnish update information on the water plant and answer any questions. Projected date for completion is the end of September. There was discussion regarding a guard rail to protect the brine tank. Midland will be getting an estimate.

Earl Bahnmaier wanted the council to know the contract company had been great during the water plant construction process. Mr. Bahnmaier also stated the City Superintendent had been good to work with when needed. Mr. Bahnmaier has concerns regarding erosion on Clark Street and who is response to repair – the city or the contractor. Also there is a property fence that will need to be put back up. There was discussion regarding what work will be done to Clark Street when the water plant is completed. Justin stated he had plans to work on Clark Street after Territorial Days.

A new building permit to complete work located at 625 Woodson was requested by Ron Ricley and Kevin Benton. Jimmy made a motion to approve the building permit. Tim seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays. Payment for the permit was received from Kevin Benton. The application is to be completed and returned before the permit is issued.
Ron Ricley would like to keep two horses on his five acres that are his children’s pets. He got rid of chickens in the past and that upset his children. He does not want to upset the children by getting rid of the horses. The horses have been there for a year, out of sight and not causing any problems. There are cattle north of him that have been on his property causing problems. No action was taken at this time. Mr. Ricley also stated the following: there was a rottweiler on his property heading toward his young daughter when he was able to confine the dog. Dogs are not to be loose in the city. There are chickens in town. The council would like to meet with the city attorney regarding the cattle and horses at the July 20, 2009 meeting. A letter is to be sent to the owners of the rottweiler.

Ordinance number 796 for the purpose of providing funds for the new water plant was presented. Mark made a motion to pass Ordinance #796. Resolution #262 was presented providing for the issuance of bonds for the new water plant. Christy made a motion to approve resolution #262. Jimmy seconded the vote and the motion passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

A thank you letter to the Territorial Day Committee was signed by the mayor and all council members.
Elsie Middleton asked why Hatcher was still on the Old Business. It was explained that Mr. Hatcher had been continuing to clean up his property and the council is still watching the progress. Some council members want to work with residents that are trying. Other council members would like to take additional action. A letter is to be sent to the real estate agent for Mr. Cobb’s property requesting the property be mowed.
The road grader has fuel coming out of the injector pump. Justin is to get an estimate.
The heater in the blue truck is stuck on. Justin is to get this fixed.
Pete wants to borrow the skid loader. The council is okay with this as the cities do use each others equipment occasionally.
Donna Crawford stated applications for stimulus money for curb work needed to be in prior to June 24.
There was an anonymous note in the drop box regarding new construction of a deck on Elmore.
Ed Smith was in the office stating he thought deposits should be raised to cover 3 months utility bills, around $200. No action was taken at this time. The city clerk is to check on the amount of utility deposits in neighboring towns.
Mayor Roy Paslay appointed Wayne Riley to the Emergency Management Board until someone else can be found. Mark made a motion to approve the mayor’s appoint of Wayne Riley. Jennifer seconded the motion. The vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.
Sandy is approved to attend a Emergency Management meeting Thursday July 9, 2009 in Lawrence that Douglas County City Clerks are requested to attend.
CLH concrete; council recommends waiting for the requested revised invoice before payment is made.
The city clerk requested vacation from Aug. 19 thru Aug 26. The city treasurer has stated she would fill in turning office hours.
A letter is to be sent to Mr. Hatcher thank him for his past efforts and requesting he continue cleaning.
A letter is to be sent regarding metal that has not been removed from the Joe Stauffer property.
Add Clark Street to the long range items.
Justin believes training on the new water plant will take place here in Lecompton.
Water rate increase, codes regarding animals are to be added to the July 20 agenda.
City clerk is to get information regarding the cost for 5,000 gallons of water used and 10,000 gallons of water used.

9:27 P.M. Mark made a motion to adjourn. Christy seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.
Sandy Nichols, City Clerk