September 8th, 2009 Minutes


7:00 P.M. Mayor Paslay brought the Lecompton City Council Meeting to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Jimmy Wilkins, Jennifer Smith, and Tim McNish were present. Council Member Christy Mallonee was absent. 7:08 PM Council Member Mark Tunstall was present. The following were also present: City Treasurer Linda Guthrie, City Clerk Sandy Nichols, Mike Emming with SKW, residents Roy Steffan and Denzil Hackathorn.

Jimmy Wilkins made a motion to approve the August 17, 2009 minutes. Jennifer Smith seconded the motion and the vote passed 3 yeas, 0 nays.

Jimmy made a motion to approve the bills before them. Jennifer seconded the motion and the vote passed 3 yeas, 0 nays. Jennifer made a motion to pay Midland Contractors $143,148.85 when the funds are available. Jimmy seconded the motion and the vote passed 3 yeas, 0 nays.

Kim Enz was present to present a National Preparedness Month Proclamation for the council to adopt. After review Tim McNish made a motion to adopt the National Preparedness Month Proclamation. Jennifer seconded the motion and the vote passed 3 yeas, 0 nays.

Mike Emming from SKW was present to present updates on the water plant and water tower projects.
Water Plant: The bollards have been installed and painted. Council Member Tunstall is present. Midland expects to have their work completed by the end of September. Tonka expects to be completed by the end of October. Guttering has not been installed. Additional chemical costs can be expected at the time of start up do to additional disinfecting. A bore under BNSF railroad is planned.
Tower: road to tower is mostly done. The company putting the water line in is off site for a couple of weeks. The road easement has not been graveled.
Water Plant: If there is grant money left, Mike will check on an alarm system for the new water plant and let the council know. The contractor would like for the council to share the cost of $1865 to install brine discharge pump installation. The installation could not be dug at the time equipment was present to do hold up for KDHE approval. Also there was removal of a foundation that was unexpected. If there is money left in the grant to share the expense for the digging for the pump installation, the council would recommend using that money. The council felt the foundation removal should have been included in the bid. Tonka is expected to be present Oct 5 for four or five days for training of plant operator. Mark Tunstall has asked to be present one day during the training. Mr. Emming wanted to know if the council would be interested in an open house. The council would be interested and would like to include cost information of the plant and tower, how much loan and grant money was involved. Mr. Emming will work with Midland on an open house date.

Public comments: Mr. Roy Steffan stated the cars that were to be removed at 325 Woodson were still there. He understood the cars were to be removed by now. The mayor and city clerk both stated they had spoken with Mr. Bahnmaier, property owner, regarding the cars. Mr. Bahnmaier had called someone to remove the cars and thought they would have been removed by now. There was discussion regarding the legal authority the city would have to follow when removing the vehicles. A title would be necessary to take the vehicles to salvage. The council instructed the city clerk to contact the city attorney as to the next step(s) to be taken. Mr. Steffan wanted to have his attorney contact the city attorney. The council said they would not pay for this call but they could not prevent someone from calling him.

After review, Tim made a motion to approved Ordinance #797. Jennifer seconded the motion and the vote passed 3 yeas, 0 nays.
After review of resolution #264, for $286,000 General Obligation bonds, Jennifer made a motion to approve this resolution. Mark seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

There was discussion to go forward with the contract signed by The City of Lecompton and RWD #3 that was not signed by Rural Development. Jennifer made a motion to ratify the contract agreement between The City of Lecompton and RWD #3. Mark seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

Planning Commission – no report

It was reported the Lecompton Township might be interested in selling 1 or 2 carports located at the lagoons to the City of Lecompton if they would be interested. The council would like to know what the cost would be to purchase one or both of the carports.

Repairs to Boone Street that Mr. Chaney is to make: if the repairs have not been made by the set date Justin is to put this repair at the top of his priority list, provided he is not in training at the new water plant.

No one will be attending the LKM Annual conference in Topeka Oct 3 – 6.

The City of Lecompton is not planning anything at this time for Christmas. The City Clerk will let Rita Lesser know.

MLC – The council does not let the tables at the Community Building leave the building.

SW corner 7th & Simons: There was a complaint regarding weed growth blocking vision when entering 7th Street from Simons. After discussion it was decided because this property is not in the city limits the individual with concerns should contact the Lecompton Township or Douglas County.

SCI information was shared with the council. CD renewal information was shared with the council for decision to be made Sept 21.

Old Buisness:
Janes there are tires, rims, weight bench, other metal, roofing material, dome piece that the council would like to know the status on. If the tires off rims need to be scraped arrangements could be made to have them removed with other tires that have been collected. Yard waste that has been put in the ditch needs to be removed. All items are to be removed or the status on them given to the city by September 21 or they may come to the September 21 council meeting to discuss the issue. A letter is to be sent to the property owner.
Stauffer – property is okay at this time.
Roberts – the city clerk is to send a letter to mow.
There was a verbal complaint that a resident has been using an outhouse. Prior to taking action the council requests the complaint in writing. The mayor will talk to the resident that the complaint was referring to. The city clerk is to contact Douglas County Health Department to see what procedure should be followed to verify this as fact or rumor.

New Buisness:
Jennifer Smith reported the Lecompton Volunteer Corps would like to look into the Community Pride Program. September 28, 2009 Trudy Rice will be out to meet at the Lecompton Methodist Church meeting room to discuss the program. Grant money could be available for projects. Council members are encouraged to attend as well as any other community members. Jennifer would be interested in a hiking trail. The city clerk will send information regarding property owned by the city on E 3rd Street.
Roy asked if a council member would like to take his position on the Fire Board when his term expires in December. Tim said he had been approached about the position and would take it. Jennifer made a motion to appointed Tim McNish to the Lecompton Volunteer Fire Board. Mark seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.
Concern was voiced regarding a trailer being demolished at the trailer court; what length of time to complete the project, safety and appearance. The city clerk is to contact the manager. Also, what is the status of a camping trailer parked there? Camping trailers are not permitted. If the trailer is there the city clerk is to send a letter reminding camping trailers are not permitted.

The council would like Dan Fischer to attend the Sept 21, 2009 council meeting to discuss water rates.

9:36 Mark made a motion to adjourn. Jimmy seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.
Sandy Nichols, City Clerk