October 26, 2009 Lecompton City Council Sp Mtg


7:00 P.M. Mayor Paslay brought the Lecompton City Council Special Meeting to discuss the new water plant project and the new water tower project to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Mark Tunstall, Jimmy Wilkins, Christy Mallonee, Tim McNish and Jennifer Smith were present. The following were also were present:
City Clerk Sandy Nichols, City Superintendent Justin Van Winkle, and Attorney Gary Hanson from Stumbo Hanson Attorneys and Counselors at Law
Midland: Kelly Guerrero, President; Charlene Marlow, Project Manager; Lee Nitcher General Superintendent
Davin Electric: Randy Davin, President
SKW: Mike Emming, Gary Cummingham
G.A.S.: Donna Crawford, CDBG Grant Writer
USDA Rural Development: Dan Fischer, Area Specialist

Mike Emming explained electrical issues that were taking place regarding the new water plant. Randy Davin went into detail regarding the electrical problems and what had been done to correct the problems. Mr. Davin has been working closely with Square D regarding the electrical problems. Around October 21, 2009 a solution to the electrical problems was made. A transformer has been ordered as in route. Mr. Davin explained he had been working with Square D and wished to continue to do so to keep warranty on the equipment without any problems.

Mark Tunstall asked if there would be any additional costs to the city. Mr. Davin stated he is under contract with Midland Contractors. Kelly Guerrero stated she does not feel the city should be responsible for any electrical cost incurred with the problems.

Jimmy Wilkins asked when the electrical problems were discovered. Charlene stated Oct 5, 2009 when Tonka arrived, the electrical problem was noted. Charlene stated she believed there was a combination of agencies responsible for the electrical problems.

Dave Stanfell with SKW is handling the transformer issues. November 15, 2009 is believed to be a shipping date for two transformers. The location of the transformers is not known. Mr. Davin asked if delivery of the transformers could be made sooner. Mr. Cunningham is to check on early delivery of the transformers. There was discussion regarding the drives on motors. Mr. Davin would like Square D to make changes for warranty reasons. He is not sure when this work will be done. Charlene stated Tonka is scheduled to return Dec. 7.
Justin stated he wells and clear well would need to be disinfected. He asked if this would be possible using a generator since there is no power at the plant. Mr. Davin believes with the arrival of the transformer power can be furnished to the wells so the disinfecting work can be done.

Donna Crawford stated a three month extension request had been made to CDBG and expects the extension to be granted. She also stated monitoring of the CDBG portion of the project is to take place Thursday October 29, 2009.

Jimmy stated concern that the council was not getting the full story regarding what issues were holding up the project. Charlene stated the electric problems were the only hold and that disinfecting of the wells could be done as soon as the transformer arrives.

Jimmy asked Mr. Davin if any cost issues would come back to the city. Kelly stated there won’t be any costs to the city.

Lee stated that he believed the plant had been going very well, the concrete was a good job and that the project looks good.

Jennifer stated concerns of what to tell residents the plant would be functional. Charlene stated on October 15, 2009 a substantial extension request had been sent to SKW for December 14, 2009 and a final 30 days after.

Gary Hanson suggested the council defer any decision on this until a recommendation is received from the city engineer. A recommendation is expected at the Nov. 2 meeting.

Mayor Paslay asked when rock would be placed on the road to the tower. Mike state he spoke to Banks Construction today and they did not understand the rock was to be in place prior to the arrival of the equipment. Banks is to be back the end of this week or the first of next week. Jimmy told Mike to get rock on the road. The question was asked who would pay for the crane that pulled the trucks in and out. There was no reply. The question was asked who was to pay for the cleaning of the streets. Mr. Cunningham suggested a bill be sent. Mark stated the city hired the engineer to oversee when the road was put down. Mr. Cunningham stated the city should write a letter when there is a problem. Mike stated he would contact Banks Tuesday October 27 to put rock on the road. Jimmy asked Mike when Banks would be completing their work. Mike stated Banks had been given the first forty and addresses. When some were installed they could discuss additional costs and what direction to then take.

Mike was asked the status of the drain line at the lagoons. There was discussion that residents would not be happy paying for something they were to have and not be receiving when the plant is completed. Mike said Kenneth was working with the railroad for access. He explained the difficulties and time it takes when working with the railroad company. Jimmy requested Mike to let Kenneth know how important it is to get this done and the city would like for someone to be working on it daily until it is done.

8:05 P.M. Christy made a motion to adjourn. Jennifer seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.
Sandy Nichols, City Clerk