January 11, 2010 Minutes

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
Monday January 11, 2010

Call to Order:

Roll call: Present: Mary Jane Hoffer, Elsie Middleton, Betty Corel, Paul Maline & Jeff Robertson

Visitors: none

Approval of Minutes: Elsie moved to approve October minutes. Jeff seconded to approve minutes from October; approved unanimously.

Presentation of Requests and Petitions: None

Notices and Communications: None

Reports of Standing and Special Committees: None

Old Business: None

New Business:
Jeff talked about the PC going to quarterly meetings and asked the commission to think about it. Elsie made a motion to have quarterly meetings, Paul seconded. The vote passed 3 yeas, 2 nays. Meetings would be in January, April, July and October. Special meetings could be called when needed. June is the month when positions are reappointed and there would be a meeting in June so there would be 5 meetings a year. There are currently 2 vacant positions; one from the city limits and one from the county within the 3 mile radius. There was discussion to change from 7 members to 5 members.

Mary Jane made a motion to change Article I, last sentence of the by-laws to state “as needed during the course of the year: Elsie seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Paul made a motion to have Elsie fill secretary position. Mary Jane seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Also Article II, #1 needs to state “at least one regular meeting quarterly”.
Article III, #3 Mary Jane made a motion change to mailed/or electronically mailed. Paul seconded the motion and the vote passed unanimously.
Article V, #1 to state “appear” instead of appeals.

Study Session: By-laws, Article IX, Article XXVII in Zoning Ordinance.

Adjourned: 7:46 Mary Jane made a motion to adjourn. Elsie seconded, vote