April 5, 2010 Minutes


7:00 P.M. Mayor Paslay brought the Lecompton City Council Meeting to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Mark Tunstall, Jimmy Wilkins, Tim McNish, and Christie Mallonee were present. 7:45 PM Council Member Jennifer Smith arrived. The following were also present: City Clerk Sandy Nichols, City Superintendent Justin Van Winkle, residents Elsie Middleton, Denzil Hackathorn, Leah Rose, and Mr. & Mrs. Andy Liba. Also present were the following: Mr. Banks and Dean Banks from Banks Construction; City Engineer Kenneth Shetlar from SKW and also SKW electric engineer Dave Stanfield, Project Manager Charlene Marlow, Mr. Davin & project employee from Davin Electric.

Mark Tunstall made a motion to approve the March 15, 2010 minutes with correction. Tim McNish seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

Christy Mallonee made a motion to approve the bills before them. Mark seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

Jim Long was present to present the 2009 city audit and to answer any questions. The council wanted to be sure money was in place for the additional water tower and water plant payments due this summer. Mr. Long will meet with the city clerk in June to discuss this. The council thanked Mr. Long for his work and also requested Mr. Long to work on the 2010 budget.

There was discussion regarding the discharge project at the lagoons. Dean Banks stated the project would cost $50,000. This would include all work needing to be done. The project cost does not include the costs for BNSF permit application, permit license, insurance, or BNSF employees to be on the job when project work is done at the railway site. Mr. Shetlar state it was not required to be put the discharge project out for bid. Kenneth stated a change order would be done for the water plant project to cover this project that is also part of the water plant plan. Kenneth will get a new permit application to the city clerk with new location information. Mr. Shetlar stated the new location and project had been pre-viewed as acceptable by BNSF upon receiving the permit application forms. Jimmy Wilkins made a motion to accept the $50,000 bid from Banks Construction. Christy seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays. Mr. Shetlar will have a contract for Banks Construction and the City of Lecompton.
Banks Construction will start installing the remainder meters around May 1, 2010.
Phoenix was to have equipment in location to start painting of the tower this week. Banks requested to be present during chlorination of the tower. Phoenix is expected to be done within 1 -11/2 weeks.
Justin is to let Charlene know when the tower painting is completed so they can move the RTM.

Plant update: Something took out surge arrestors. There had not been any bad weather. VFDs were not hurt. Unbalance voltage had been going into the drives. Square D said the drives were okay. Davin thought the problem could be transformers or Westar. Davin requested help from SKW electric engineer in resolving the problem. The plant has been down for 15 days and the city is on Rural Water District water. Kenneth stated it would be possible to run the plant if the VFD were off. Justin will meet Tuesday 7 AM with representative from Davin.
7:45 Jennifer Smith arrived. Charlene stated there were areas in the water plant roof where tape was loose. Someone will be in to fix these areas. There is no water in the insulation on the north, south or west sides of the walls. There is some on the east side. Charlene expects with warmer dry weather the east side will be taken care of. Once there is no moisture remaining Charlene will call the county inspector out for a final inspection.
Kenneth reported he had checked on the need of expansion tanks. He did not have any explanation why some locations with PRVs needed expansion tanks and others would not. He was not able to find any guide lines on the need of expansion tanks. PRVs are requested to be set at the current location’s pressure.
Elsie asked if the reduced humidity has given the insulation in the plant time to dry out. That is believed to be correct.
Kenneth said the fire department, Kroeger’s Apartments, and the Keystone would need 1 ¼” meters at a cost of $4000 each. There was discussion regarding the meter at Keystone. Currently the meter is inside the building and at times they are closed and the meter cannot be read. It would cost approximately $2000 to move the meter outside. Banks will look at the current set up and make a recommendation. Mark made a motion to approve purchase and installation of the 3 meters needed for the fire department, Kroeger’s Apartments, and Keystone plus a ¾” for the gym. Jimmy seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Mr. & Mrs. Andy Liba were present to express concern of the neighbor’s dog(s) being loose. They are concerned the dog(s) might get to close to their dog that is leashed and be hurt. They are concerned about liability issues. The Liba’s would like for it to be noted they have written the city letters, the city has written the neighbors stating the city codes require dogs to be leashed or confined, and the sheriff has been contacted. They are planning to put up a fence between them to help with the problem. They do not know what else to do.
There are vehicles in the driveway that are not drivable. Tires are around a trailer. The city clerk is to send a letter regarding the vehicles and tires.

Leah Rose was present to ask if she needs a building permit to put a 5’ landing with stairs at the front of her trailer. After discussion the council stated she would not need a building permit.

Mr. Steele was not present.

After reading of the Fair Housing Proclamation, Christy made a motion to accept the Proclamation. Mark seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Mayor Paslay appointed Kathy Paslay to the Lecompton Planning Commission. Mark made a motion to accept the Mayor’s appointment of Kathy Paslay to the Lecompton Planning Commission. Tim seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Denzil Hackathorn wanted to know if money was borrowed for the tower, or the tower and water plant. Money was borrowed for both. Mr. Hackathorn stated the water lines should be flushed every three months. There was discussion regarding a schedule flushing of the lines when the new plant and tower are working. Mr. Hackathorn wanted to know why the utility bills keep going up. It was stated utility bills had not been raised for several years when they should have been raised a little each year to have some money on hand for the new water projects and not have to borrow for the entire projects. Mr. Hackathorn stated the old water plant could have continued to be used. The engineer explained the old plant could not produce as many gallons per minute as the new plant.

Previously discussed – Expansion tanks/valves, tower painting
Aqua Mag – Mark stated the City of Lawrence was not interested in purchasing
Property on 2nd Street; it was reported clutter was collecting again; city clerk is to send a letter.
Part- time help; Justin has someone who could help him part-time if the council would approve. Denzil Hackathorn thought the position should be advertised. The council requested the city clerk to post the part-time position at the post office, city hall and on the park sign.
Weed whip – council approved purchasing a new weed whip.
A letter received from a resident was reviewed by the council. No action taken at this time.
Denzil stated he had been told he has to give Randy Manis 60 days notice to remove his things from the house on Clark Street before clean up can be done.
Mayor Paslay reported that Carl Bahnmaier told him the property that had a structure fire has been sold to Constitution Hall.
SCI: The council will table this until after June franchise fee is due. This will save money trying to collect once for two payments.
The council was reminded the Lecompton Township will have an open house Saturday April 17, 2010 10 AM – 2 PM.

City Clerk is to send a letter to Douglas County Clerk thanking him for his time spent on the Lecompton election.
CD info signed
Noted post office charges for medium and large post office boxes
Tim asked where the purchase of oil filters would be used. Justin reported they were for the fuel tank, skid loader, etc.
No list needs to be made of out dated items that are ready to be purged.

9:14 P.M. Jennifer made a motion to adjourn. Christy seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays. Sandy Nichols, City Clerk