June 21, 2010 PH & CC Minutes


6:45 P.M. Mayor Paslay brought the Lecompton City Council Public Hearing to discuss possible dangerous and unfit structure existing at 240 Clark Street. Council Members present: Tim McNish, Jimmy Wilkins, Christy Mallonee, Mark Tunstall, and Jennifer Smith. Also present were the following: City Attorney Lee Hendricks, City Superintendent Justin Van Winkle, and City Clerk Sandy Nichols. Denzil Hackathorn and Marlene Jolly were present.
City Attorney Lee Hendricks stated he had driven by the property prior to attending the meeting. Mr. Hendricks stated a fabulous job had been done so far. Denzil Hackathorn stated do to the rain and a track coming off of his equipment he had not been able to complete the project. After discussion, Mr. Hendricks recommended Mr. Hackathorn continue the good work and the council revisit the project for the August 18, 2010 meeting. There were no additional comments and at 6:50 PM Mayor Roy Paslay closed the Public Hearing.


7: P.M. Mayor Paslay brought the Lecompton City Council meeting to order. The following were also present after the public hearing: Chris & Judy King, Sharrone Steele and Rachel Moore, Elsie Middleton, Mike Coffman, Jim Long, Danny Sanford, Bill Roberts, Owen Mallonee, Glenn and Vickie Mallonee and Daniel Coltrane from SKW.

Jimmy Wilkins made a motion to approve the June 7, 2010 minutes. Jennifer Smith seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Christy Mallonee made a motion to approve the bills before them. Jimmy seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Jim Long presented recommendations for the 2011 budget. After discussion the council recommended when all necessary information has been received regarding the 2011 budget Mr. Long and the City Clerk set a public hearing date as soon as possible.

Sharrone Steele was present to discuss drainage problems at 601 Whitfield. Water drainage from the east side of Whitfield from 7th and Whitfield, drains into an area on his property into a pond. It has been impossible to keep some of the area mowed. After discussion Mark said he would meet with Mr. Steele after 5 P.M. Tuesday June 8, 2010 to look at the area.

Chris & Judy King and Mike Coffman were present to discuss clean up work that had been done regarding a letter that had been mailed by the City Attorney June 8, 2010. City Attorney Lee Hendricks stated work had been done and work needed to be continued. Mr. King stated he had gotten rid of several things during the bulk trash pickup. Mr. King is looking for someone with a brush hog to help mow the pasture area. Mr. King had problems with a couple of mowers after hitting metal in the yard. Mr. King requested more time to work on the area. Mr. Coffman stated he had purchased the black car for his granddaughter. The car runs and is drivable. In reference to a porch area Mr. King stated Mr. Coffman had some things stored on the porch. Mr. King stated he would board up the windows of the porch. Mr. Coffman stated he had not lived in Lecompton for the past nine months. The council will revisit the work done July 19, 2010. Mayor Paslay told Mr. King Tim Rues offered to mow the lower side if rocks were cleaned out of that area.

Danny Sanford filed a verbal complaint regarding property south of George Yost’s that had not been mowed yet. The council will view this area and address it at the next meeting. The clerk has been requested to put this on the agenda for the next meeting. Mr. Sanford stated the vehicle in reference to a letter sent to the property owner is gone. Mr. Sanford wanted to know what the “clerical error” was regarding a sign posted for elections. Jimmy Wilkins explained he had done the sign. The reference was the council members up for election had been busy with other things and had missed the filing deadline.

Owen Mallonee was present to discuss the pop off valve at his mother-in-laws property. He stated the pressure on the line at the hot water heater had been 150 lbs. There was discussion concerning the possible need of expansion tanks. The council discussed notification to the residents that had PRV valves installed. Daniel Coltrane with SKW shared information he had regarding meters with PRV valves in them. The city attorney will write a letter to be mailed to those residents. Glenn Mallonee asked Owen to discuss the Gas Company’s work being done and not cleaned up. Justin stated he would like the opportunity to talk to the sub-contractor regarding closing of alleys/streets and cleaning up after their work is done. Lee will compose a letter to be mailed to those residents who now have PRV valves.

Mobil Lodge Community Board had sent a request form of zoning compliance letter. No one was present to present information. At the attorney’s recommendation the council tabled this item requesting someone be present to present to inform the council exactly what they are requesting.

An electrical, plumbing and mechanical building permit for 336 Elmore was requested by Paslay Brothers Inc. It was asked if the dumpsters on Elmore would be moved before Territorial Days? There was no definite answer. Mark made a motion to approve the building permit requested. Christy seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Elsie Middleton shared the Planning Commission had met June 14, 2010. During the meeting attendance to the meeting by Paul Maline was discussed. Mr. Maline had missed 8 of the past 12 meetings. He has had three consecutive missed meetings. The Planning Commission voted to remove Mr. Maline from the commission. The Planning Commission presented 10 names of recommendation. The council requested the city clerk to send letters to each individual for interest in being on the PC.

Tim reported a fire truck pump had been leaking and was sent for repairs.

There were no public comments.

Lee: Recommend sending another letter to Janes. It was stated the roof had been completed. Janes had shared it would take some time to get the south deck area taken care of. Mayor Paslay stated he, Carl Paslay, Justin, Cody & Travis had trimmed tree around town and Janes helped put brush into the truck. At the attorney’s recommendation the council requested he send a letter to Janes regarding additional items that needed to be picked up and areas to be cleaned.
Hackathorn property is looking good.
Gate keys to the tower road: The road gate will not be locked at this time. A lock will be put on the gate at the tower.

Daniel Coltrane was present from SKW to information.
Justin: Statements were made regarding Banks needing to clean up at Kroeger’s, lane to the tower and other locations. Daniel recommended a walk through making a punch list of items. Tomorrow he will schedule the walk through. There is no fencing around the tower at this time. Justin reported pumps leaking at the new water plant. He has been on the phone trying to solve this issue. One out of four pumps is not leaking. JCI and Midland have both worked on the pumps. The housing and the diaphragm both appear to be leaking. Changing to Perisaltic pumps might be a possible but are of more cost. Mark stated with the Peristaltic pump hoses may need changed every 2 weeks. Daniel shared the warranty is good for 12 months. If there are constant problems the warranty continues to apply. Dave asked Daniel to come help complete the project. Tim asked about the electric surge problem. Daniel stated Dave had visited with Davin Electric. A new transformer will be installed that would handle more “trash” on the line. Jenn asked about not having water one day. Justin reported lightning had fried equipment in the shed by the tower. He was not able to use Rural Water or city water until the problem was repaired. Justin asked when and how the tower would be disinfected. Daniel discussed how this process would take place. The tower people, Phoenix, are responsible for filling the tower. Phoenix should work with the city to do this. Daniel will schedule this for after July 4. Jenn discussed the insulation being wet at the water tower. There was additional discussion concerning the humidity in the plant.
It was asked if the city was ready for Territorial Days. Justin reported the electric meters were ready and trees had been trimmed. Justin asked if there was any more questions or comments for him, if not he would go with Daniel to the water plant. Justin and Daniel left the meeting.

John Fike had called the office to ask if something could be done regarding the property west of him to get it mowed. A council member was aware of the situation and had also had a conversation with another resident regarding the property. After discussion the council requested a letter be sent to the property agent to have the property mowed.

Lee will send a letter to SCI regarding the franchise payment for January and June 2010 that have not been received.

Some mowing has been done at 335 E 7th. This property is to be revisited for updates.

Discussion regarding the date for the next council meeting: July 4 is on a Sunday; meeting will be held Tuesday July 6.

It was asked if Bill Roberts had received a letter regarding vehicles. Yes, he had but the time had not expired for him to pick up the notice. The council would like this placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

There was discussion regarding clean up of Bahnmaier structural fire property. It was noted the fire was last fall around October. There was concern from a resident that the council might let personal opinions be part of the handling of the situation. The city attorney stated he believed the council had already given the individual too much time to complete the clean up. It was noted that Mr. Bahnmaier stated the clean up would be completed before Territorial Days. The council requested the city attorney call Mr. Bahnmaier Tuesday June 22, 2010 stating a letter will be mailed letting him know the council will be finishing the clean up if he has not finished by Friday. Jennifer made a motion to give the mayor authority to hire a contractor Monday to complete the clean up if Mr. Bahnmaier has not complete the clean up by Friday June 25, 2010. The $6000 received from the insurance company would be used to pay for the clean up and any additional cost would be applied to the tax roll. Mark seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

9:37 P.M. Jimmy made a motion to adjourn. Mark seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.
Sandy Nichols, City Clerk