August 9, 2010 Special Meeting Minutes


7:00 P.M. Mayor Paslay opened the City Council Special Meeting regarding street improvements.

The following were present: Council Members Tim McNish, Jimmy Wilkins, and Jennifer Smith. Council Members Mark Tunstall and Christy Mallonee were absent; City Clerk Sandy Nichols; residents present: Marylynn Powell, Martha J. Martin, Gary L. Bohannan, Opal Goodrick, Elsie Middleton, Kevin & Belinda Janes, Vicki Bahnmaier, Nancy Jones, Dan Sanford, Carl Bahnmaier, Paul Bahnmaier, Bob & Barbara Jernigan, Star Novak, Ed Smith, Earl Bahnmaier, John Hackathorn, and Bill Roberts. Brian Kingsley, P. E. representative from BG Consultants.

Mayor Paslay introduced Brian Kingsley from BG Consultants and turned the meeting over to Mr. Kingsley. Mr. Kingsley presented a drawing listing priorities of street work that can be done: chip/seal suitable for average of 1 – 2 years; fix potholes, overlay of 2” asphalt, keeping cracks filled, suitable for 4-5 years. Street can be taken down to sub-grade, use of AB3 rock then asphalt; City can apply for up to $500,000 CDBG grant and match 25%. City can apply for 1 grant per year and watch for bonus funds with ARRA. Mr. Kingsley also explained the priority list can be changed as needed or wanted by different councils.

Martha Martin asked what type of work would be done to Whitfield, tear up, widen, and redo ditches? If redoing ditches she has flowers in her yard she would like not to be disturbed. Mr. Kingsley explained street work would be done within the street right-of-ways. He also said he would drive by her location and look at the location of the flowers to the street.

Jennifer Smith stated the city in the past had chip and sealed south of Woodson one year and north the next year. For the past two years no chip and sealing had been done. The city was saving the money to do a large project on the streets.

Dan Sanford asked what the cost difference between AB3 rock and pud rock. Mr. Kingsley said geo tech would take samples for density to see what could be used and did not have a current cost difference.

Bill Roberts asked about stimulus money. Mr. Kingsley stated the last CDBG money was called a bonus round. More grant dollars are not called stimulus money.

Barbara Jernigan asked why Elmore did not have a higher priority. Barbara lives on Halderman and said it is fine. Gary Bohannan stated during Territorial Days equipment sank into Elmore Street. Elsie Middleton stated Whitfield should be a priority do to buses traveling it. Marylyn Powell stated at 5th Street and Isacks the drainage is cutting into the street base. Mr. Kingsley said he and Justin had noted that problem. Gary asked about curb & gutters on Woodson Ave. Jennifer stated the county had estimated it would take millions of dollars to do that project do to elevation problems. Gary asked about sub grade and elevation “public that didn’t have the floor were talking and I was not able to hear the rest of this discussion”. Mr. Kingsley said he would look at cross section with driveway and discuss at another public meeting regarding specific streets. Martha asked if the public would be notified ahead of street work. There are no details at this time. If the flowers are in the street right-of-way they will have to be moved. Gary Bohannan stated the city keeps residents in the dark. Bill stated poor work had been done on Elmore Street. It was stated the chip and seal had been subcontracted with the county. Elsie asked why 7th Street east of Whitfield was a priority, ditch worked had been done? Earl Bahnmaier stated he had been told last spring Clark Street would be fixed. Ed Smith stated if no grant money what then, maintenance can’t stop. Jimmy explained patching would be done. Martha stated there had been holes on 7th Street. Jimmy said potholes would continue to be patched. Dan asked if a supervisor from BG would be on the job every day? Bill asked why sub contract with the county. Mr. Kingsley said a supervisor could be on the job every day if the city wanted to pay for that service but he did not thing a supervisor every day was necessary. Bill asked what education the city super had for that kind of work. Brian stated he would be their eyes and ears and contact them when necessary. Brian said the city’s options were to do nothing, spend extra on maintenance, keep sealing, and spend money on major projects. Ed asked how many years could the city receive grants? Mr. Kingsley explained this would be a capitol outlay project. Jimmy stated the base has been breaking down for several years, it will take time to rebuild, can’t fix past neglect. Martha stated Whitfield had been black topped and put on the taxes. There was discussion to patch and overlay Whitefield & 7th Street with 2” overlay. Tim stated Clark Street was worse than Whitfield or 7th Street but Whitfield and 7th Streets had more traffic. Gary stated buses turning corners tear them up. Martha mentioned the cut across 7th Street. John Hacathorn mentioned Whitfield was a vicious circle. Work had been done from Ernie Smith’s half way down. The second half was to have been done but has not been done. Martha mentioned Whitfield was narrow. John said Clark Street was also narrow. John stated the city had neglected to stay on stuff. Martha said the next council needs to follow through. It was stated that funding couldn’t be guaranteed nor could the next council be confined to past decisions. Elsie suggested next person running for council should come to meetings. Jimmy asked if the city should go back to chip and seal? John said Whitfield should be finished. Mr. Kingsley stated could spend money on 4” asphalt, sub grade, “lost conversation do to public conversation that didn’t have the floor”. Gary suggested applying for another grant and stated Whitfield not wide enough. Ed suggested applying for grant and continue to do maintenance. Mr. Kingsley stated it might be easier to get grants mow that in the future, more money might be required from the city. Elise suggested priority #1 working on Whitfield, drop 7th Street, add Clark, Elmore from Woodson to 3rd, maintenance work on 5th. Gary & the council agreed. Paul asked if the crown on Whitfield would stay. Jimmy said the engineer would check. Ed asked why the crown was so steep? RD Johnson had done the work. Barbara asked if there would be a completion date on the contracted work. Mr. Kingsley said yes it would be included in the bond information. Gary stated concern regarding run off damaging sub grade of street in front of his house. Mr. Kingsley stated geo tech would look into this. It is impossible to cover all issues at this time. Priority #2 would 5th Street & Isacks narrow ditch and 7th Street later.

There was discussion regarding the street budget, matching funds and maintenance. Tim stated he was in favor of overlay. There had been very little maintenance on 7th Street east of Eisenhower Memorial Drive. Mr. Kingsley said overlay could be requested. Ed stated concern again about no maintenance. Mr. Kingsley stated streets that are not correct cannot build with chip and seal, what grant work does must be maintained. Mr. Kingsley stated money from bonds could be applied for 3 – 5 years. Bill stated there were 3 council members present. Where were the other two? Residents had been requested to attend. It was stated that there was a quorum present and this was a public meeting for residents comments. Jennifer asked Paul what streets touring buses took? Paul stated sometimes they went down Halderman. When asked if streets were an issue for buses Paul said they make it. Belinda said buses sometimes are on Isacks and maybe there should be a set route. Paul said buses are encouraged to turn around in the church parking lot.

Jimmy reminded residents council meetings are the 1st and 3rd meetings if they feel in the dark they are more than welcome to attend meetings.

8:24 P.M. Jimmy made a motion to adjourn. Tim seconded the motion and the vote passed 3 yeas, 0 nays.
Sandy Nichols, City Clerk