January 17, 2012


7:00 P.M. Mayor Mark L. Tunstall brought the Lecompton City Council Meeting to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Jimmy Wilkins, Tim McNish, Elsie Middleton, Christy Mallonee, and Jennifer Smith were present. The following were also present: City Clerk Lynley Sanford, City Superintendent Justin Van Winkle; residents Lori Wilkins, Bill Roberts, Vicki Bahnmaier, Roger Guillory and family, Gail Thompkins and JCI Insurance Representative Patrick Gottstein

Jennifer Smith motioned to approve the January 3rd, 2012 meeting minutes. Christy Mallonee seconded the motion. Vote carried 5 yays 0 nays

Tim McNish made a motion to approve the bills before them. Elsie Middleton seconded the motion and the vote passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Public Comment:

Gail Thompkins – Requested the City of Lecompton to change the way she had the mailing of the water bills to her mobile community set up. Instead of sending her all the tenants’ water bills, and her distributing, she is asking that the city mail the individual residents and send her just an invoice. Everything else about the arrangement will stay the same. She will pay the entire water bill amount for her and all her tenants and continue collecting from each individually. Jennifer Smith motioned to mail Gail Thompkins resident’s water bills separately provided the remainder of the agreement stays the same. Tim McNish seconded. Vote passed 5 Yay’s 0 Nays

Roger Guillory – In regards to Roger leasing or utilizing the space of the Old High School, at this time the City has made no progress. We are still investigating insurance coverage and annual costs, and determining cost of a lease.

Patrick Gottstein – Old High School insurance coverage. Currently we have liability on the building which only covers if someone gets hurt on the property; it does not cover any property damage. To cover a 15,000 sq. ft. building with unoccupied insurance coverage at $350,000 it would cost the city $1800 a year. That gives the city a $5000 deductible, and an 80% reimbursement rate. This will cover for equipment breakdown (boiler and elevator)

Please note: a building is considered occupied when 1/3 of the square footage is being used for or has foot traffic. Currently for occupied coverage we have no insurance rates. Pat will hopefully have some numbers for us at the next council meeting.

Christy Mallonee motioned to purchase $1800.00 annual insurance coverage for the unoccupied Old High School coverage valued at $350,000 Elsie Middleton seconded the motion – further discussion Tim McNish would still like Pat to investigate further on other options, and have more information provided next meeting. Vote passed 5 Yays, 0 Nays

– Discussion about Fire Hydrant at Own Mallonee’s property, unable to relocate at this time, but did work to re-grade the ditch for better draining.

– Reviewed letter to senator Moran’s office and got signatures

Old Business:

Herman Morris Property Cleanup – he burnt off his brush pile and Kroegers were satisfied – no further action needed

Interstate Elevator Contract – per an email from Lee Hendricks City attorney, he advised that the yearlong contract with Interstate Elevator looked great, and that the City should feel comfortable with if it so chooses to enter into that contract. Per Lee’s suggestions we add on to the paragraph “Service under the Attachment” the following “If insufficient funds are available in the City’s budget for the next budget year to make the contract payment(s) for the next renewal terms and the funds to make such contract payment(s) are otherwise unavailable by any lawful means whatsoever, then the City shall have the option to non-appropriate the funds to pay the contact payment(s) for the next renewal term.” Christy Mallonee motioned for elevator insurance with interstate elevators provided they add the suggested verbiage to the contract. Jimmy Wilkins seconded the motion. Vote passed 5 yay’s 0 Nays

Old High school Building – Elsie Middleton wanted to touch on this subject further, she would like to see the City take a more aggressive approach on finding ways to better market the building, getting realtors involved and finding someone to fill the property. Discussion incurred and a decision to wait to hear what Denise Breason says about the property was reached and will be re-discussed at the first February council meeting. The Lecompton City Council asked if Council Woman Elsie Middleton had time and was interested in pursuing, that she work on advertising the old High School. Elsie Middleton accepted the proposed offer.

Bill Roberts Property Cleanup on Woodson – Discussion incurred about the progress at Bill Roberts property on Woodson. Bill stated he has braced his falling shed, hauled 6 trailer loads of materials/debris out, secured a loan for repairs, and is having SMBall bring in a dumpster on Wednesday. He plans to restore the house and live in it. The concern of the council is the shed has 3 of the 4 sides fallen almost to the ground and the roof is caved in. Bill stated he is planning on salvaging 3 out of the 4 sides, repairing the foundation, and rebuilding a new roof. He stated the council should see much progress in the tear down of one of the shed walls, and work on the foundation. A decision was reached that Bill will be provided the time between now and the next council meeting to have the opportunity to further demonstrate progress of improvements. If such improvements are not seen, the council will motion for demolition.

New Business:
Approve 2011 year-end financial report pending corrections recommended by Jim Long so Lynley may publish by January 31, 2012

Christy Mallonee- excused herself from the remainder of the meeting

7:35 PM Jimmy Wilkins made a motion to adjourn. Jennifer Smith seconded the motion and the vote passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

Lynley Sanford, City Clerk