October 15, 2012, 2012 Minutes


7:00 P.M. Mayor Mark L. Tunstall brought the Lecompton City Council Meeting to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Tim McNish, Mary Jane Hoffer, Jimmy Wilkins, Susie Hackathorn and Elsie Middleton were present. The following were also present: City Clerk Lynley Sanford, City Superintendent Justin VanWinkle, City Attorney Lee Hendricks; residents or township citizens: Lori Wilkins, Sandy Jacqout, Francis Sanford, Bob and Doris Weeks, Jack and Barbara Oglesby, John Hackathorn, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thacker, Carl Bahnmaier, Sandy Nichols, Bill and Linda Gerdes, Sheila Volle, Burke and Susan Wood, additionally Carol Bonebreak and Megan Lewis were in attendance as legal counsel for Burke and Susan Wood.

Elsie Middleton motioned to approve the October 1, 2012 City Council Meeting Minutes. Tim McNish seconded the motion.
Vote carried 5 yays, 0 nays

Mary Jane Hoffer motioned to approve the bills before the council. Jimmy Wilkins seconded the motion.
Vote carried 5 yays, 0 nays

Carol Bonebreak announced herself and Megan Lewis as representing legal counsel for Burke and Susan Wood. Megan Lewis gave a presentation to the City Council requesting grading and graveling of the Alley Access between Halderman and Elmore, especially the last 60ft which is the entrance to Burke and Susan Wood’s driveway/shop entrance. Discussion occurred between the City Council, City Attorney and the Wood’s legal representatives. Opinions and thoughts were shared on various ideas on how to handle the request. The City discussed vacating the Alley and gravel and grading costs for the whole alley vs. the last 60ft (being the wood’s driveway). At this time the City Council has tabled the discussion. Councilman Jimmy Wilkins said he would look into obtaining bids or cost estimates for gravel/grading the whole alley and also just the end of the alley. When the city learns the information it was requested by the Wood’s legal counsel that the information be shared.

Water rates discussion occurred, questions from the residents attending included but were not limited to: How was it decided the current rates would be set where they are?, Why we buy salt to soften everyone’s water?, How to set the water rate now, so the rates don’t continue to rise in the future? A resident from the mobile lodge was present, and questions about how the mobile lodge charges their tenants were asked. Unfortunately because the Mobile Lodge is billed as a whole and then bills their tenants independently the City has no jurisdiction on this matter, and the resident was told he would need to take the matter up with park management. The City Council did thank the residents that were attending for taking time to come down and discuss the water rate issue. Information was presented to the council about new rate classifications from KRWA and KDHE were on the way, the information just had not been received at this time. The City Council decided they would like to wait until the next City Council meeting on November 5th so they may review all information before making a decision on water rates.

Lee Hendricks –
– Brought up a possible issue with the PRIDE Halloween event and proper insurance coverage. The clerk was contacted by the insurance agent with concerns about the Halloween Haunted House being a special event. The Council said it would prefer to have appropriate event coverage, and to find out how much it would cost. The clerk is looking into this matter further. The Halloween haunted house is being held on October 26th & 27th.

Justin –
– Fire Department Radios – city council might be interested in obtaining a few radios – would have to purchase an FCC license (approx. $300) would like to make sure they radios are frequency/channel programmable.
– Request use of part time help to clean out ditches on Jones street

– Water Drainage/Steep Ditch issue on 3rd & Elmore (Just N. of Steve Howards) Justin thought maybe putting some rip-rap in there might help for now, and as we have left over concrete, add that to fill in the forming crack.
– Vacation time for J.V. who would be able to cover the water plant when gone on vacation or extended illness. J.V. would like to train Cody Nichols to be that part time person. J.V. is taking the week of Thanksgiving off and will be working several ½ days to use up vacation time.

Lynley Sanford –
– Reviewed letter from Ted Davis regarding Dallas/Fort Worth international Airport
– Informed council that Larry Sumner would not be able to do the metal handi-cap hand railings outside city office or at the community building.

Old Business-

New Business –
– USD #343 – Donation for school mascot – at this time the council chose to pass on making a donation towards the school mascot.
– Ed Smith building permit #12-210 – Tim McNish motioned to approve the building permit, Mary Jane Hoffer seconded the motion. Vote carries 4 yay, 0 nay
– Elsie Middleton – PRIDE committee would be interested in assisting the City in decorating the park for Christmas. The committee members would like to decorate on November 10th and then turn on the lights on, on Dec 1st.
– Brenda Hastert has volunteered to come down before hand and check out the decoration items with J.V. – Candy Cane Arch way? Would like to see it put up this year.
– When would the PRIDE committee like to assist taking down the Christmas décor?
– General Consensus – great idea and we should proceed.

9:45PM – Jimmy Wilkins motioned to adjourn, Susie Hackathorn seconds the motion. Vote carries 5 yays. 0 nays

Lynley Sanford, City Clerk