May 20, 2013 May City Council Meeting Minutes


7:00 P.M. Mayor Sandy Jacquot brought the Lecompton City Council Meeting to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Tim McNish, Mary Jane Hoffer, Jimmy Wilkins and Elsie Middleton were present at roll call. Council member Susie Hackathorn was absent. The following were also present: City Clerk Lynley Sanford, City Superintendent Rance Roberts. Residents or township citizens present: Lori Wilkins, Angie Gantz and Beth LaCava.

Elsie Middleton motioned to approve the May 02, 2013 City Council Meeting Minutes with one addition Tim McNish seconded the motion. Elsie requested that the reason the City is allowing the superintendent to drive the city truck home is the city is short on safe and adequate parking for the truck and Rance has a safe place to park it. Motion passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

Jimmy Wilkins motioned to approve the bills before the council. Mary Jane Hoffer seconded the motion. Motion passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

AG Insurance representative Angie Gantz was present and reviewed the current policy and coverage with the council.

Beth LaCava owns the business strip in downtown Lecompton and requested the city check into missing water meters from the basement of the units and to look into how and who pays for what costs on installing separate meters for each business unit so they could be billed individually.

Dog complaint – a written complaint about barking/nuisance dogs at 601 Whitfield, the council requested a letter regarding loud animals be sent to the residents.

Rance –
– Tree bids – council reviewed bids from Mulfords; Browns; and Custom Tree Care.
Mary Jane Hoffer motioned to award the bid for tree service on the elm tree in the pioneer cemetery to Custom Tree Care. Elsie Middleton seconded the motion. Motion carries 4 yay; 0 nays

Lynley –
Clerk training – Roeland Park on 6/28/13
Mary Jane motioned the city to pay for clerk training for Lynley Sanford on 6/28/13 in Roeland Park. Tim McNish seconded the motion. Motion carries 4 yay; 0 nays
– Lynley Sanford updated council on vacation time (6/15-6/20) Sandy Nichols will be asked to cover at least during office hours and for the council meeting on 6/15 and it was requested she bring milk and cookies
– Torgeson Trenching installing power box for Cox communications at 425 Woodson
– 301 Elmore property – lawn mowing issue – have made several phone calls – still working on the issue.
Old Business
– Livestock Ordinance – tabled until next meeting
– Ed Smith bldg. permit extension – council feels 90days should be adequate – if he needs more time he can come back in to a council meeting and request another extension.
– Purchasing cards – Lynley is to contact UMB bank for more information
– Reimbursement for cell phone for Rance – after reviewing council agrees writing a check from accounts payable is fine.
New Business
– City garage sales – put ad in LJW if only around $25, Trading post, Perry pride and penny saver also send to Lori Wilkins and Mary Jane Hoffer
– Street work – Chip n’ Seal for 2013 year? – council agreed not this year, but to contact Noland with Douglas County and let him know next year we would like to participate in the program
– Mary Jane Hoffer provided an update from the MPO (Metropolitan planning organization)
– PRIDE announcement: Support Lecompton Community Pride – Weekend of the city-wide garage sales.
Have a hotdog at Kroeger’s Country Meats on Friday May 31 and Saturday June 1! The hotdogs are the big ones from Fanestil Meats
Prices: A solo hotdog – $3.00; Hotdog Meal (including chips & a can of soda) $4.50
Kroeger’s will donate $1.00 of every solo hotdog sale and another .50 cents of the chips and pop sale to Pride for the Theater Renovation
– Elsie Middleton mentioned a complaint from Larry Stevens, issue with the neighbor to the north of his home. Larry reported illegal wastewater dumping. After discussion, the city will contact someone with Kansas Department of Health and Environment to investigate.

8:30 PM – Mary Jane Hoffer motioned to adjourn. Elsie Middleton seconded the motion.
Vote carried 4 yays, 0 nays

Lynley Sanford
City Clerk

May 31, 2013

City of Lecompton
P O Box 100
Lecompton, Ks 66050

Enclosed is the Treasurer’s report for City of Lecompton’s portion of the distribution of taxes levied within Douglas County collected for March 1 –May 15 totaling $ 34706.21. You will be receiving this on June 5 via ACH/WIRE TRANSFER. See page two for the breakdown of disbursement by fund and type.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact Cindy Monshizadeh at 785-832-5276 or

Paula Gilchrist
Douglas County Treasurer