June 12, 2013 Minutes

Lecompton Planning Commission
June 12, 2013

Commissioners attending: Chairman Jeff Robertson, Sandy Nichols, Kathy Paslay, Karla Meyer, Crystal Leming, and Amber Nickel

7:00 Call to order

A motion to approve March 11, 2013 meeting minutes by Karla Meyer, seconded by Nichols. Passed unanimously.

Presentation of Requests and Petitions- None
Reports of Standing and Special Committees- None
Notices and Communications- None
Old Business- None
New Business:
Tim Kilburn presented plans to build a house on property lots 19 and 20 at the end of Third Street.
Two motions made by Nichols to, First, send recommendation to City to restart road maintenance on the east of Third Street to allow access to private property.
Passed unanimaously. And Secondly, send statement to City council that upon completion of a survey of the property the Planning Commission will further review any flood plain issues.
Seconded by Nickel. Passed unanimously.

David Swisher owns lots 29 and 30 of South Crest subdivision and requests approval to build a single home in the center of combined lots and inquired about easement standards.
Commission Nichols motioned to send letter to City council stating upon review the Planning Commission does not believe easement is necessary for building permit. Seconded by Meyer. Passed unanimously.

Mobile Lodge Trailer Park would like to allow mobile homes (ie, motor homes, 5th wheel trailers and campers) for temporary residents.
Commissioner Paslay motioned to table discussion until there is representation from Mobil Lodge at a commission meeting. Seconded by Nickel. Approved unanimously.

Chairman Jeff Robertson resigned from Lecompton planning commission after several years of service.
Commissioner and Secretary Amber Nickel also resigned due to time conflicts.

Adjourned 8:06pm.

To City of Lecompton,

It is the recommendation of The Lecompton Planning Commission to reestablish road maintenance to the east of Third Street to allow access to private properties.
Also, in regards to Mr. Tim Kilburn’s request to construct a single family home on his lot at the end of Third Street (lots 19 and 20) upon completion of a lot survey we shall further review any flood plain issues.

It is also the opinion of the planning commission that an easement is not necessary for a building permit for Mr. David Swisher to build a single family home on his lots 29 and 30 in the South Crest Subdivision.

Finally, this commission has tabled any discussion of temporary homes such as motorhomes, 5th wheels and campers allowed at Mobile Lodge Trailer Park until the business has representation at a commission meeting.

Thank you,
The Lecompton Planning Commission;

Sandy Nichols

Karla Meyer

Crystal Leming