September 03, 2013


7:00 P.M. City Council President Jimmy Wilkins brought the Lecompton City Council Meeting to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Tim McNish, Mary Jane Hoffer, Susie Hackathorn and Elsie Middleton were present at roll call. Mayor Sandy Jacquot was absent. The following were also present: City Clerk Lynley Sanford, City Superintendent Rance Roberts, and City Attorney Jeff Heiman. Residents attending included Larry Stevens, Jillian Rodriguez, Jamin Nally, Ronald and Karmell Thacker, Richard and Ella Thacker, and Allen Jack and his son.

Mary Jane Hoffer motioned to approve the August 19, 2013 City Council Meeting Minutes. Tim McNish seconded the motion. Motion passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Elsie Middleton motioned to approve the bills before the council. Susie Hackathorn seconded the motion. A concern was voiced about the energy use at the USD 343 Ball Field. No one is scheduled to be using the ball field, and the A/C in the concessions was somehow turned on and left on.
Motion passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Jillian Rodriguez with Douglas County Emergency Preparedness asked the council to September as Emergency Preparedness month. Council President Jimmy Wilkins read and signed the proclamation making September Emergency Preparedness month.

Allen Jack – Property ordinance violation hearing: City attorney presented photographs of Allen Jack’s property. Discussion of the grey water issue and the inspector from KDHE dye tested the plumbing in the home, and it was determined that what was thought to be grey water is actually ground water/water run off. Some improvements have been made in the last two weeks. The City Attorney felt, with the amount of stuff needing removed it could take some time. Allen Jack requested 30 days to get things cleaned up. Council President Jimmy Wilkins thanked Mr. Allen Jack for working with the council and allowing the City attorney and the KDHE inspector to come onto his property. The council discussed with Allen Jack giving 30 days to make the improvements, and then before the council meeting the city attorney and KDHE inspector would return to take photos of the progress.

Tim McNish motioned to allow Allen Jack 30 days to clean up his property, at the end of the 30 days Jeff Heiman and the KDHE inspector will return to take more photos to present at the October 7th city council meeting. Mary Jane Hoffer seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4 yays, 1 nay (Elsie Middleton)

Rance Roberts
– Review tire bids for 03’ Chevy – Mary Jane Hoffer motioned to purchase the Hankook tires through standard tire and auto and also have the front end aligned at the same time. Tim McNish seconded the motion. Motion passed 5 yays, 0 nays.
– Update on street repairs done along Woodson
– Discussed acidizing and chlorinating the wells
– Update installed benches and park, city office and pride buildings
– Lower boiler updates

Lynley –
– US postal service update
– Review CD/Money Market interest rates
– Announced the township donated $1500 to PRIDE group for window replacement

Old Business-
– Heritage grant application was submitted
– SPD module for water plant – in progress
– AT&T U-verse update – installed – should save us 50% on phone bill
– Dogs at large notice – change to include cats and repost

New Business –
– Tim McNish request employee raises be put on the next agenda.

8:28PM – Elsie Middleton motioned to adjourn. Susie Hackathorn seconded the motion.
Motion passed 5 yays, 0 nays

Lynley Sanford
City Clerk