September 10, 2014 Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Lecompton Planning Commission
meeting date: 9-10-14


Kevin Newman,
Crystal Leming
Jamon Nally
Stephanie confer
Kim Stewart
Sandy Nichols
Kathy Paslay

Jamon acting Chair, opened meeting, 7:00 p.m.

Reviewed minutes of previous meeting.

Kim motioned approve minutes of June 11 meeting, Sandy seconded and all approved.

No reports of standing.

No Special Committee reports.

No notices

No old business

New Business:

We welcomed Stephanie Confer as new member of Lecompton Planning Commission.

Sandy nominated Jamon to be Chairperson, Kim seconded, all approved.

Kathy nominated Kim as Vice Chair, Sandy seconded, all approved.

Study Session:

Finished review of definitions.
Discussion: Page 24 – Annexation. Any new property will be R1.

Discussion – When City passes an ordinance we need to be advised and addendum made to the books. Example: City council approved a horse or cow on residential R1 land.

Residential low density – can have livestock for show or pleasure, but it must be approved by BZA in RL Page 32 #109, 1-4. But it is not addressed in R1. Can’t pass an ordinance without BZA approval.

*Commission requesting City provide copy of any ordinances that have been passed since our zoning books were printed, which appears to be 2003.

*We must be notified when changes affect us or we are of no use.

Review of book ended at C-1 district.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

Next meeting will be December 10th, 7:00. (2nd Wednesday of the month)

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Paslay, Secretary

*Lynley, how do we submit the above noted requests to City Council? Is it enough to put in our minutes or do we need to send a separate memo?