December 15, 2014 City Council Meeting


7:00 P.M. Council President Jimmy Wilkins brought the Lecompton City Council Meeting to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Tim McNish, Mary Jane Hoffer, Susie Hackathorn and Elsie Middleton were present at roll call. Mayor Sandy Jacquot was absent. The following were also present: City Clerk Lynley Sanford, City Superintendent Rance Roberts, and City Treasurer Ronald Thacker. Residents or township members included Jamie Hatcher.

Susie Hackathorn motioned to approve the December 01, 2014, Elsie Middleton seconded the motion.
Motion passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.

Tim McNish motioned to approve the bills before the council. Mary Jane Hoffer seconded the motion. City Clerk Lynley Sanford mentioned that the new Interstate Elevator bill had been reduced.
Motion passed 5 yeas, 0 nays

Public comments are Welcome; please wait to be recognized by raising your hand.
(please limit comments to five minutes and stay on topic at hand)

Ron Thacker – Treasurers report for November – CD renewal at DG CO Bank: 12 month CD renews at same rate which is .3% – council consensus is to let it roll over.

Lana Keever – Mobile Home Park electric inspection permit #14-236, has been pd. Susie Hackathorn motioned to approve permit #14-236 for electric inspection, Elsie Middleton seconds the motion.
Motion passed 5 yeas, 0 nays


Rance – no updates

Lynley –
– Contacted AG Insurance re: public movie nights in the park – the underwriters said no extra coverage is needed.
Old Business –
– Follow up on nuisances: Janes, Hatcher. Rance indicated that Hatcher’s property has been cleaned up, the council decided not to continue at this time with a resolution. Janes property was discussed, and it was brought to the council’s attention that there may have been an attempt at some yard cleanup. Council decided not to continue at this time with a resolution. Council requested to take photos of property after the council meeting, and then right before the next meeting to compare any improvements.

New Business –
– Brouhard – Dog Issue – Proof of insurance: Talk to City Attorney about follow up letter requesting a signed letter that the dog is no long on the property, or he needs to provide proof of insurance.
– Pd. Out unused vacation time on Rance, will pay out Lynley’s after first of the year
– Hours for P/T help: how much can she get in? General consensus of the council, be mindful, and have Jessica assist as necessary.
– Rance requested to build a metal A-Frame to hold the Sand spreader for storage. The council said to build it.
– Monsanto Grant – Pride received grant again (Thanks Trudy Rice!)
– Jefferson Co. Mobile Concrete plant meeting, the addition of the plant was approved.
7:47 PM – Mary Jane Hoffer motioned to adjourn. Elsie Middleton seconded the motion.
Motion passed 5 yays, 0 nays

Lynley Sanford, City Clerk