April 25, 2017 Special Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
Special Meeting
April 25, 2017

Call to Order 7:00pm

Roll Call: Stephanie Confer, Jamin Nally, Vickie Clark, Crystal Lemming, Marting Huerter
Chad Gustin, Amy Gustin

Review request for zoning change from R1 to Ag for property at 1000 E Woodson, request presented by Chad and Amy Gustin.

– There are currently 30+ acres at this site, and the owners would like to eventually build on this property a few years into the future. Initially a Morton-type building would be built on the site, and water and electricity would eventually be run as well.

– The Planning Commission recommended for Chad and Amy to meet with the City Council to discuss their plans and how they would like to proceed with this matter.

Adjourn 8:03PM

Stephanie Confer, Secretary