September 5, 2017 City Council Meeting Agenda

LECOMPTON AGENDA September 5, 2017

Open City Council Meeting
Roll Call
Approve minutes

Approve bills

Public Comments are Welcome; please wait to be recognized by raising your hand.
(please limit comments to five minutes and stay on topic at hand)

Kim Richter – Tobacco policy/city park

Rance –
– Salt Brine tank at water plant
– 2nd Street lift station repair vs. replace

Lynley –
– Do we want to do holiday light contest? 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prized?
– Do we want to do a Santa visit/Park lighting event? Does Saturday December 9th work okay? Evening? 6:30?

Old business –
– Property Concerns: Hatcher 130 E. Woodson
Ragan 344 Clark
Janes 410 E. Woodson

New business –