City Council Meeting Minutes November 20th, 2017


7:00 P.M. Mayor Sandy Jacquot brought the Lecompton City Council Meeting to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Jimmy Wilkins, Tim McNish, Mary Jane Hoffer and Elsie Middleton were present at roll call. Council woman Susie Hackathorn was absent. The following were also present: City Clerk Lynley Sanford and City Superintendent Rance Roberts. Residents or township members included George and Rita Mathews, Troy & Vickie Clark, Chad & Amy Gustin, and Jamin Nally.

Elsie Middleton motioned to approve the November 6, 2017 City Council Meeting Minutes, request to change that more information on the Ice House program will be provided at a later meeting.
Tim McNish seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4 yeas, 0 nays

Tim McNish motioned to approve the bills before the council. Jimmy Wilkins seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4 yeas, 0 nays

Mike Leming – Was not present to discuss roadside ditch rock. Councilman Tim McNish noted that after the last council meeting Mike contacted him at home. Tim informed him that the council had decided no additional rocks will be added to the ditch.

1000 E. Woodson, there is no existing water main. The water service to the two current homes is supplied through a 1 ½” service line that runs across 2 other properties with no known easements. The council discussed the situation and decided that they would like to extend the main along the utility easement and install a fire hydrant. It was asked that we move forward with obtaining bids and time frame when work could begin if awarded.

Water main from 506-502 Jones street. There was concern that the 4” water main was not extended. Rance exposed the water line, and it was determined that there is a 4” main to the meter at Shane Jones house.

Rance Roberts –
– Plas-tanks will be here next week on 11/27 to start work on the bryneer tank. Estimated cost is $10206.00
– Council reviewed bids for mini excavator from Victor Phillips and Murphy Tractor. The new machine from Murphy is provided with a 5 year extended warranty. Jimmy Wilkins motioned to approve the purchase of a new John Deere mini excavator. If the full 5 year warranty is included for the price of $44350.00 Tim McNish seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

Lynley –
– Provided audit engagement letter for Jim Long Accounting. Jimmy Wilkins motioned to approve the engagement letter and the cost of the audit for $5500.00. Elsie Middleton seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.

Old Business –
Nuisance properties
– Ragan 344 Clark – waiting on letter recipient
– Janes 410 E. Woodson – has started porch work, also City Attorney Jeff Heiman did send a follow up letter.
– It was mentioned that the council would like to have City Attorney Jeff Heiman look into changing the code to provide for all nuisance, environmental codes to mirror state statue in providing service when delivering notices.
– Sewer for businesses downtown – city council asked that the city employees contact local plumbing agenda to see if we can figure out the direction of wastewater flow from the commercial businesses downtown.
– Zoning Amendment/Ordinance for commercial district. Mary Jane Hoffer motioned to approve Ordinance 823 which adds Farm Wineries to the list of approved businesses for the commercial district. Elsie Middleton seconded the motion. Motion passed 4 yeas, 0 nays.
– It was brought to the City’s attention that the front porch or porch enclosure at 415 Whitfield appears to be collapsed. The City Council asked that the property owner be contacted by letter letting them know it has come to our attention, and that we would like to make the home owner aware, we ask that they make the repairs as soon as possible, before the City proceeds with action according to City Code.
Old Business
– Several nuisance complaints regarding a black dog owned by Mike and Dore Jones at 537 Boone St. The dog has been reported chasing people along the highway. Also, the dog has been reported barking aggressively and making tenants at the apartment complex feel like they can’t leave their homes. The City council requested that a letter be sent regarding the dogs at large. Include a copy of the ordinance. If the dog continues to cause issues, the dog will be captured, kenneled and taken to the shelter.
– A call came in inquiring about information regarding building requirements. On the stemwall foundation, does the exterior wall have to be water proofed before backfill? Does the drain-tile have to be installed before backfill? Does the foundation wall need to be 6” or 8” thick? Does the City require a sump pump in the crawlspace or not? The council suggested getting information online to answer these questions.
– Review certified election results.

8:00PM – Jimmy Wilkins motioned to adjourn. Elsie Middleton seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4 yays, 0 nays

Lynley Sanford, City Clerk