February 5, 2018 City Council Meeting Minutes

LECOMPTON AGENDA February 5, 2018

Open City Council Meeting
Roll Call
Approve minutes

Approve bills

Public Comments are Welcome; please wait to be recognized by raising your hand.
(please limit comments to five minutes and stay on topic at hand)

Jim Long – 2017 Financial audit review

Jeff Heiman –
– Sent Ragan/Tompkins copy of resolution
– Update: question re: Belinda Janes property from last meeting

Rance –
– Chip n’ seal roads (which roads) for 2018/Bid with Dg. Co. and Road Repairs

Lynley –

Old business –

New business –
– Ideas for new appointment to Planning Commission (we need 1 new member within City Limits)
– BCBS employee insurance benefit renewal
– Dave/Cynthia Glenn, complaint about property across street having too many junk vehicles 202 E. Seventh (Chronister’s)
– Dog complaint on Clayton Payne 334 Clark “E” – 5 dogs/ 2- dog vicious dogs – 2 pit-bulls
– Summer foods donation (?)
– Complaint regarding Pat Ragan evicting people renting at 344 Clark “D” said they were evicted because they had been making improvements to the trailer house that is close to not being habitable, so they were taking the money out of what they owed for rent and Pat served them with a 10 day eviction notice.
– Peoples bank – was bought out becoming Bank Midwest
– KMIT – 10 year membership plaque.