June 18, 2018 Planning Commission meeting minutes

Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
Wed Jun 13, 2018
Meeting minutes

Meeting called to order by Jamin Nally

Members in attendance Jamin Nally, Kim Stewart, Johnathan Giligan, Vickie Clark

The minutes were not available for the Jan 10, 2018 meeting, so they were not approved.

Welcoming of new member Johnathan Giligan.

J. Stewart brought a couple of possibilities that he was pursuing on his possible purchase of land on Boone st as well as South Crest. If purchasing both, he would have no problem with doing a chip and seal road on South Crest, but said that curb and guttering were going to be way to pricy for him to do. Other option was only purchasing the land at 527 Boone and splitting it into 2 lots, with the back lot having its road frontage include the driveway. According to the codes for yards, there should be plenty of room to allow for this.

We through out some ideas to find a replacement for Kevin Newman’s position. Jamin suggested Jeff Herschell.

Kim Stewart motioned for adjournment and Johnathan Giligan second