October 7, 2019 City Council Meeting Agenda

LECOMPTON AGENDA October 7, 2019

7:00pm – Open City Council Meeting
Roll Call
Approve minutes – September 16th, 2019

Approve bills

Public Comments are Welcome; please wait to be recognized by raising your hand.
(please limit comments to five minutes and stay on topic at hand)

– Complaint Richard Wingfield re: KOMA violation on 9.16.19 and council accepting incentive for insurance business from liberty national

– Skid loader bids –

– Recommendation from PC regarding text amendment for Ag district to add event space as additional allowed use.

Rance –
– Trash cans in City Park
– Chair/table storage in CB

Lynley –
– Update to 2018 building codes with Douglas County Zoning starting 1/1/2020

Old business –
– Updates on tree replacement recommendations
– Update for playground equip –
– Gregg Trendel – update if any
– Bev Thrower property update –
– Portable speed bumps –

New business –
– Mary Jane Hoffer – Update on solid waste
– 2020 Dg. Co. Leadership Academy