December 2, 2019 City Council Meeting Agenda

LECOMPTON AGENDA December 2, 2019

7:00pm – Open City Council Meeting
Roll Call
Approve minutes – October 21st, 2019

Approve bills

Public Comments are Welcome; please wait to be recognized by raising your hand.
(please limit comments to five minutes and stay on topic at hand)

Jeff Heiman –

Rance –

Lynley –

Old business –

New business –
– Water softener for PRIDE boiler
– Mens toilets in PRIDE bldg 1st floor – Also 1st floor bathroom windows for men/womens – contacted Larry Wilson, he is not licensed or insured, does carpentry on the side, do we want him to bid on the work?
– Money Transfers to Capital Improvement Fund and Equipment Reserve fund
– Consider paying out remaining vacation to employees