June 15th, 2020 City Council Meeting Minutes


7:00 P.M. Mayor Jimmy Wilkins brought the Lecompton City Council Meeting to order at 327 Elmore, Lecompton, KS. Council Members Tim McNish, Mary Jane Hoffer, and Matt Roberts were present at roll call. Council Members Stephanie Confer and Owen Mallonee were absent. The following were also present: City Clerk Lynley Sanford and City Superintendent Rance Roberts. City council meeting was live streamed on Facebook. Residents or township members that attended the meeting included Bryce Visser.

Matt Roberts motioned to approve the meeting minutes for the June 6, 2020. Tim McNish seconded the motion.
Motion passed 3 yeas, 0 nays

Tim McNish motioned to approve the bills before the City Council. Mary Jane Hoffer seconded the motion.
Motion passed 3 yeas, 0 nays.

City Council reviewed the subdivision plan for the Visser Estates for the property at the corner of Woodson and Clark. Formerly the small mobile home park. The planning commission has reviewed the property and approved the subdivision as platted. The Council reviewed, asked a few questions, Bryce Visser was able to provide answers. Mary Jane Hoffer motioned to accept the recommendation from the planning commission to approve the subdivision as platted for Visser Estates. Matt Roberts seconded the motion.
Motion passed 3 yeas, 0 nays.

Rance Roberts –
– Regarding water cleanout for Mark Tunstal residence council said to install. After reviewing the situation and learning that the watermain installed is a thin walled pipe, concern about live tapping with no shut off the concern is the pipe collapsing and then having a large water leak issue. Mark agreed that it was okay to not install it. City council agreed.
– Working on trouble shooting the issue with the water softeners. It seems we have water and brine getting to the softeners, but possibly not coming out the saturation bars inside the tank. They may be clogged, will be working on that this week.

Lynley Sanford –
– Kim Steward a township board member on the planning commission sent a letter of resignation. Tim McNish motioned to accept Kim’s letter of resignation. Matt Roberts seconded the motion. Motion passed
3 yeas, 0 nays.
Mayor and Council appreciate her service and time served on the planning commission board.

7:12pm Council member Owen Mallonee arrived at the council meeting.

– Update that County Director Keith Browning has retired as of today.
– Council reviewed bids from Shamrock Tree service and Massie tree service for tree cleanup in the pioneer cemetery. Matt Roberts motioned to approve the bid for full removal/cleanup as bid by Massie tree service. Owen Mallonee seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4 yeas, 0 nays
Old Business –
– 339 Halderman cleanup progress: Greg has removed the tree and tree house, mowed the back of the lot and hauled a lot of trash off the property. It’s looking much better. The consensus of the council is to hold off on moving forward with the abatement at this time.

New Business –
– Council member Matt Roberts presented the idea of collaborating with Douglas County and the County Sherriff’s dept. to enforce our animal control code. Councilman Roberts provided a copy of the current Douglas County animal control code. He has spoken with both Sarah Plinsky and Luitenant O’Hare with the Sherriff’s department and they support the collaboration. The City would need to send a letter requesting the assistance of code enforcement within the city limits and request that the county add the incorporated City Limits of Lecompton to their code 2-106. The Council agreed that this sounds like a good collaboration and indicated that the city employees would still handle loose and stray dog issues, but when it comes to dog bite situations and aggressive dogs then the Sherriffs dept. would be able to step in. The council asked that the information be sent to City attorney Jeff Heiman to format a letter and provide feedback.
– The City Council discussed the future of continued live streaming of the council meetings on Facebook. The City Council decided since the City office is now open that future meetings would no longer be live streamed.

7:41 PM – Mary Jane Hoffer motioned to adjourn. Owen Mallonee seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4 yays, 0 nays

Lynley Sanford, City Clerk