January 12, 2022 Planning Committee meeting agenda

Meeting Agenda
Lecompton Planning and Zoning Commission
January 12, 2022
Lecompton City Hall

Call to Order

Roll call

Approve minutes from: 2021
Presentations of Requests and Petitions

Notices and Communication
– A replat of the Idyllwild subdivision is being reviewed by the county suveyor and waiting on easement information from Evergy for an electric service line before official submission. A special meeting will be called in the near future (after 20 days publication) to review the replat.

Old Business

New Business
– Renewal of terms for Jamie Newman, Michael Shields, Martin Huerter, Erin Herschell
– Does Vickie want to maintain Chair person status?
– Does Erin Herschell want to maintain secretary position?
– Appoint vice chair person?

Study Session